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The Mountain

If a mountain seems too big todaythen climb a hill instead.If the morning brings you sadnessit’s ok to stay in bed.If the day ahead weighs heavyand your plans feel like a curse,there’s no shame in rearranging,don’t make yourself feel worse.If … Continue reading

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Pathni (पत्नी)

Sanskrit terms used by the husband for the wife were Pathni (पत्नी), derived from Sanskrit पथ (pathá) i.e. path or course (the one who leads the husband through life), Dharmapathni (the one who guides the husband in dharma) and Sahadharmacharini … Continue reading

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Book Review – A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini 4 of 5 stars Khaled Hosseini has certainly made Afghanistan proud by capturing the contemporary life in his beautifully crafted second novel. I’d read Kite Runner when it came out and was spellbound … Continue reading

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Ten years of bliss…

Ten years of bliss, two little bundles of joy and a lot to look forward to… that’s how I can sum up my marriage of the last 10 years. Amazingly it does not even feel like ten years… I still … Continue reading

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Urvaksh – The Joyful

Urvaksh, our bundle of joy came into this world on 16-Nov-2008 16:13 Dublin (GMT) time.   First photos     First time mother picked him up First time with big sister First time with grandparents First taste of honey First … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Daughter!

Hi my beautiful daughter! I was the first one to know of your arrival… it’s really a pity that you have not seen me as yet but I want to tell you that I’m the happiest person on earth these … Continue reading

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Palakshi – The Pure at Heart

Palakshi, our first one was born on 21st March 2003 First Photos   With Grandparents   First Bath   First time with Dad Proud Family   More snaps of Palakshi   View Full Album

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  My Love, Relationship evolves akin to a tree in full bloom… it sprouts from the petite seed of fondness and penchant… and planted on the ripe ground, that tiny seedling germinates into a sapling of acquaintance. Then on the … Continue reading

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My Passion, my rage!

My Passion, my rage! Oh, how I’m burning within,  the fire seems to be touching my heart… enflaming it… smouldering it… filling it up with violent desires. It’s as if a canon came from your side and has left me … Continue reading

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My Rosebud

  My Rosebud, Sheer luck has prevailed and now you’re planted in the garden of my life. The scent of yours is so intoxicating and in beauty, you pale the attar of roses that was the crown possession of my … Continue reading

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