My Rosebud


My Rosebud,

Sheer luck has prevailed and now you’re planted in the garden of my life. The scent of yours is so intoxicating and in beauty, you pale the attar of roses that was the crown possession of my orchard before you arrived. The pink in you makes the dewdrops of emotions shine with the gaudiness of a rainbow and the aroma makes the flower bed of thoughts smell so sweet. The mornings brings the fragrance of yours to my doorsteps and wakes me up, fills me up with a desire to be near you… to gaze in admiration,  in the splendour of your self… to let the fragrance of your being, seep into the depths of my soul. The night-time is more taxing and your scented memories take the form of aromatic dreams which fill up my sleep and makes me gay and lively!

The wait seems so agonizing, I long for the days when those soft rosy petals would open up and you would sprout and glow in the full radiance of a nymph… I would then touch the effeminate elegance… smell the maidenly redolence… stare at the womanly grace… and then… I would pluck you up and place you in the flower pot of my heart till eternity!



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