Ocean Of Love!

My Nightingale,

As the waves reach for the shores… in full thunder… in hot longing,
so does your love stretch out and submerge my spirit… in total fervor and ardor.

The way the swell of water embraces the sand on the shores,
your thoughts come and sweep out my whole self…
and drench me in the watery sunshine of love…
bringing your phantom before my dreamy eyes.

If only that would have been the end…
but soon the backwash impels me earnestly to join,
and submerge my whole being into that vast ocean of love
and all lost… I do so hoping that backflow and the flux would drift me towards you.

And when I’m into the thick of that ocean of love,
I realize my folly and wake up from that lovely dream!
At times it is so overbearing…
I loose my coherence but serendipity enchants me and I long for these dreamy moments again and again…

 Its becoming harder day by day, I long for the days when you would rest in my arms…
sleep in my arms.



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