Maze Of Myriad Oddities!

My SnowWhite,

At times life would entangle us in the maze of myriad oddities,
and would act miserly vis-a-vis time and space that we would normally share with one another…

These would be the times when our bonding would be tested
and our love would stand a trial.

But with you on my side, I’ve nothing to be afraid of…
I trust you and know that you would bear the weight of these moments
and would take me back in your arms whenever I would free myself of the living labyrinth…

One thing you can rest assure is that my commitment to you would always remain total
and nothing would ever stand between myself and my love for you!

You would forever dwell in the most hallowed corner of my heart…
and my soul already feels sanctified with the thoughts that you’re mine…



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