In the long and grinding toll of life, some of our memories and feelings are so precious that we would like to put a garb of words and expressions over them to keep them afresh and to make them last longer. This collection is one such attempt… of Shubhra and Tarun to record their love and union in lexis for posterity. This compilation is to cement our thoughts in ink from the times when we had barely met and continues with our ever growing love for one another and marks the culmination of our feelings in the ultimate union of our bodies and soul. We cherish the memories and feel proud in knowledge that they now wear the costumes of vocabulary… and wish to live our lives immersed in the sea of such tranquil thoughts of love and pleasure as is put in these pages.

We thank God Almighty, for letting us experience such emotions that we have undergone and pray for His blessings for our future life. May God keep His merciful hand over our family forever?

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