My Passion, my rage!

My Passion, my rage!

Oh, how I’m burning within,  the fire seems to be touching my heart… enflaming it… smouldering it… filling it up with violent desires. It’s as if a canon came from your side and has left me ablaze… the luminosity and brilliance of it is fiery on one hand and on the other, it animates me… giving me what seems a new lease of life. Love has fired my mind and the vivacity of imaginations has taken on new contours. The burning intensity of feelings torments my heart… leaving behind a pulverized soul which so much need your soothing hand to cool down its inner self. The ardour of passion is so consuming that my whole being seems to be on the hearth and makes me worried what if I would simply vaporize.

But then I know that this fire is sacred and it’s not on any hearth but rather it is the ever burning fire on the holy altar which comes from the heavens and lights those hearts which are ready for chastisement. The splendour of love is so much before me now that it has lighted up the hidden sides of my psyche, giving me new insights into the meaning of life. The discharge of emotions provides the fuel for the furnace full of hot thoughts and when heat simmers down to me, it warms my heart and fills it up with unknown longings.

I simply crave for you now, my dear. I fantasize about you, I long to see you, I just can’t breathe without thinking about you!




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