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Lakshmi: Vedic science of Wealth

Wealth is defined in modern English as “an abundance of valuable possessions or money” or “a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.” Father of Capitalism – Adam Smith – in his book “The Wealth of Nations”, described wealth as … Continue reading

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Higgs Boson – Press Release (PR17.12 04.07.2012)

CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgs boson Geneva, 4 July 2012. At a seminar held at CERN1 today as a curtain raiser to the year’s major particle physics conference, ICHEP2012 in Melbourne, the ATLAS and CMS experiments presented … Continue reading

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The Truth About Semen by Jamie Condliffe

A gentleman’s relish is the true water of life. A nice shot of semen allows a man to pass on a genetic code through the ages, offering the closest thing to eternal life humans are ever likely to achieve. But … Continue reading

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Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

  Seventy years ago, in 1940, a popular science magazine published a short article that set in motion one of the trendiest intellectual fads of the 20th century. At first glance, there seemed little about the article to augur its … Continue reading

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Fungus Makes Zombie Ants Do All the Work

  A tropical fungus has adapted to infect ants and force them to chomp, with surprising specificity, into perfectly located leaves before killing them and taking over their bodies By Katherine Harmon   ANT COLONIZED: A mature O. unilateralis growing … Continue reading

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