My Love,

Relationship evolves akin to a tree in full bloom… it sprouts from the petite seed of fondness and penchant… and planted on the ripe ground, that tiny seedling germinates into a sapling of acquaintance. Then on the bed of faith and trust, the tender twig gains strength and grow into camaraderie… bit by bit the roots of friendship take a steady hold on the base of conviction. On the way it might face the storms of doubt… blizzards of suspicion… but if the base is strong… and is regularly nourished by a fair supply of fervour and passion, the plantlet remains steady and firmly implanted on to the soil.

The bigger it grows, the more demanding it is for the apt feed, its roots tear down the gravel of sincerity that holds it and spread far and away into unknown contours searching for the rivulets of commitment and promise. Under the cover of azure sky of care and support… on the lap of verdant nature where it gets comfort and compassion, it gradually gets transformed into a mammoth tree. Once it attains the prime of life, it provides the ripe fruits of sharing, amity and solidarity… it also offers rest and comfort under the shade of empathy and concern.

Then you can watch it glow in the springs… hear its sighs in the long autumn nights. The pleasure of witnessing the steady presence of that tree… with its aura of endless splendour would in itself be a reward for its owners. Now that we have planted our tiny seedling of love with so much faith and devotion… lets us do everything to nurture it into a splendid tree of affection and warmth… so that when we would come of age, we would sit back under its cool shade and reminiscence the time spent together… and take pleasure in the flow of fresh breeze that would caresses our souls!

Are you with me in that?



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