My Beautiful Daughter!

Hi my beautiful daughter!

I was the first one to know of your arrival… it’s really a pity
that you have not seen me as yet but I want to tell you that I’m
the happiest person on earth these days and the only reason is

I’d been waiting for you to come for so long and thanked God
once you arrived safely.

I would be coming soon to you, to take you in my arms… to play
with you, to see you smile…

I would always be on your side through out your life, holding up
your little finger and taking you through the travails of life…

I saw all the snaps that you had sent me and you do look pretty
and cute like your mother.

I’m simply waiting to pick you in my arms!

Your father

Tarun Rattan


On Sun, 30 Mar 2003 Palakshi Rattan wrote :

Hello! everybody,

I am on this planet now. I arrived here on March 21, 2k3.
My Dad – Tarun and Mom-Shubhra have named me PALAKSHI, means
‘someone pure at heart’.

My mother will be sending you two of my snaps from her mail id ,
so that I may not appear stranger to you whenever you see me for
the first time.Though I am not very clear in those two snaps, but
you will get slight idea about me. Actually, my Mom is very eager
to send the snaps.I will send you my close-ups soon.

I need your blessings to start my journey in this new world!

Affectionately yours


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