Palakshi – The Pure at Heart

Palakshi, our first one was born on 21st March 2003

First Photos

Palakshi_1 Palakshi_-_with_her_Mom__on_28th_Mar play with me

ever fresh let me stretch

Palakshi's punch wanna take rest

With Grandparents

Palakshi_2 Palakshi with her Nannu Palakshi with her Nani Maa

Palakshi_-_with_her_Dada_-_Dadi__on_28th_Mar Palakshi_on_23rd_March

First Bath

Nani___Dohti  Nani_giving_bath_to_her_dohtiIts me...Palakshi

First time with Dad

Dad arrives-1 Dad arrives-2

Proud Family

Palakshi with her Mummy  play with me Mothers and daughters

Palakshi_-_with_her_Mama_on_23rd_Mar Palakshi's foot on her Mom's palm

More snaps of Palakshi


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