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Book Review – The Patient Assassin by Anita Anand

  The Patient Assassin: A True Tale of Massacre, Revenge and the RajAnita Anand5 of 5 stars This is the fascinating story of Sardar Udham Singh who patiently but meticulously planned the assassination of the culprits of Jallianwala Massacre at … Continue reading

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Gandhi’s letter to Adolf Hitler (1939)

Adolf Hitler was rejected as a young man on his application to art school. One thing led to another and ended with United States dropping two atomic bombs on the sovereign nation of Japan. Over a month before the outbreak … Continue reading

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Seven Blunders of the World

1. Wealth without work2. Pleasure without conscience3. Knowledge without character4. Commerce without morality5. Science without humanity6. Worship without sacrifice7. Politics without principle —Mahatma Gandhi

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