Sanskrit dhātu

In Sanskrit, the word “dhātu” stands for ‘Root’ (verb root) /’Building block’. The word “dhātu” literally means ‘that which holds’ (potency) or denotes a set of action(s). This word itself has the “dhā” as the root (“dhātu”) In Sanskrit “vyākaraṇa” (linguistics), there are many “āchārya” (teacher /practitioner / philosopher) who are of the opinion that all words in Sanskrit language came from a set of approx 2000 verb roots. There are 100s of inflectional suffixes and also 21 or 22 prefixes – the verb root in number of permutations and combination with one or more of suffixes and one or more prefixes and in combinations, make the 2000 verb roots to multiply into millions of words. In addition, one verb root can also join with another root or Noun (which is again originally from a verb root) to form words (this is in “uṇādi”). Therefore it is essential for one to study the “dhātupāṭha” if one needs to claim oneself as a linguist (“vaiyākaraṇa”). These 2000 verb roots are classified into 10 groups and also can take 10 types of verbal inflections to form Verbs (tenses and moods).

In Ayurveda (holistic life science) system “dhātu” of the human body represents the building blocks and it is of 7 types. रस: /“rasa” (essence /sap /plasma /collagen /hormones /enzymes), रक्तम् /”rakta” (blood), मांसम् /”māṃsa” (muscle, tissue), मेद: /”mĕdas” (adipose tissue /fat /lipid ), अस्थि / “asthi” (bone), मज्जा /”majjā” (marrow), शुक्रम् /”śukra” (reproductive hormones / liquids).

In “Rasaśāstra” (chemistry) the word “dhātu” means metal /base materials.

Thus the word “dhātu” means ‘something that which holds’.

Below is a complete list of all Sanskrit Dhatu or Root words. All words in sentence are derived from these root words. The meaning of Dhatus is fixed and hence their meaning is carried over to Sanskrit words created from Dhatus.

Hence, the only dictionary ever required in Sanskrit is this list of Dhatus and their meanings. By understanding the rules of Sanskrit grammar, one can easily comprehend the meaning of Sanskrit words by looking at their dhatu roots. Please read all the Easy Sanskrit lessons to understand and appreciate the beauty of Sanskrit language.

The below table contains the Dhatu name in Devanagari Script as well as in English. It also contains the IPA phonetic transliteration which helps understand the pronunciation of the dhatu name. The table also has the meanings listed for each Sanskrit dhatu.

# Dhatu Name English IPA Dhatu Meaning
1 अभ्र् abhr ab̤r to go, to wander about
2 अच् ach at͡ʃ to distinguish, to particularise
to go
to request
to speak indistinctly
to go
to request
to bend
to worship
to honour or to revere
3 आछ् achh aːt͡ʃʰ to lengthen, to stretch, to make straight
4 अड् ad aɖ to exert
to try
5 अद् ad ad to eat
6 अड्ड् add aɖɖ to join
to attack
to explain the sense of
to sue, to exert
7 अग् ag aɡ to wind, to go
8 अघ् agh aɡ̤ to sin
9 अह् ah aɦ to pervade
10 अज् aj ad͡ʒ to go
to drive
to throw
to make clear, to anoint, to be beautiful, to go
to speak
11 अक् ak ak to move tortuously
12 अक्ष् aksh akʂ to pervade
to reach
to accumulate
13 अल् al al to adorn
to be competent or able
14 अम् am am to be ill, to afflict with sickness
to go
to sound, to wait upon
15 अम्ब् amb amb to sound
16 अम्बर् ambar ambər to bring together
17 अण् an aɳ to breathe
to utter a voice, to sound
18 अन् an an to breath
to breathe
19 अन्ध् andh and̤ to become blind, to shut eyes
20 आन्द्Oल् andol aːndol to swing
21 अङ्ग् ang aŋɡ to go
to go, to mark
22 अङ्घ् angh aŋɡ̤ to go
to hasten
to begin
to blame
to gamble
23 अंह् anh nɦ to go
to shine
24 अङ्क् ank aŋk to go, to mark
to mark
25 अंस् ans ns to distribute
to speak
26 अंश् ansh nʃ to distribute
27 अन्त् ant ant to bind
28 अण्ठ् anth aɳʈʰ to go
29 अण्ट्ट antta aɳʈʈə to despise
30 आप् ap aːp to obtain
to pervade, to obtain, to occupy, to reach
31 अर्ब् arb arb to go, to injure, to kill
32 अर्च् arch art͡ʃ to worship
to worship
to honour
to shine
to praise
33 अर्द् ard ard to go
to beg or request
to kill, to hurt
34 अर्घ् argh arɡ̤ to be worth
to be worth
to cost
35 अर्ह् arh arɦ to worship
36 अर्ज् arj ard͡ʒ to procure
to procure
to earn
37 अर्क् ark ark to praise, to heat
38 अर्थ् arth artʰ to request, to beg
39 अर्व् arv arv to kill
40 अस् as as to be
to throw
41 आस् as aːs to sit, to be
42 अश् ash aʃ to eat,
to pervade, to heap, to obtain, to go to
43 अष् ash aʂ to go, to shine, to receive
44 अट् at aʈ to wander
45 अत् at at to go constantly
to obtain
46 अठ् ath aʈʰ to go
47 अट्ट् att aʈʈ to transgress
to kill
48 अव् av av to protect, to move, to be lovely, to please, to satisfy, to know, to enter, to hear, to own, to beg, to act, to desire, to shine, to obtain, to embrace, to kill, to take, to be, to grow
49 अवधीर् avadhir avd̤iːr avādhīr to despise, to disregard
50 अय् ay aj to go
51 बद् bad bəd to be steady or firm
52 बाड् bad baːɖ to bathe
to dive
53 बध् badh bəd̤ to bind, to restrain
to loathe
to be disgusted with, to shrink from
54 बाध् badh baːd̤ to oppress, to torment
55 बाह् bah baːɦ to endeavour
56 बल् bal bəl to breath
to hoard grain
to breathe
57 बल्ह् balh bəlɦ to be pre-eminent
to speak, to shine
58 बण् ban bəɳ to sound
59 बन्ध् bandh bənd̤ to bind, to attract, to catch, to imprison, to wear, to form, to compose, to fix on, to bear fruit
60 बंह् banh bənɦ to grow, to increase
61 बर्ह् barh bərɦ to be pre-eminent
to speak: to kill
to give
to kill, to speak, to shine
62 बर्व् barv bərv to go
63 बस् bas bəs to stop
64 बस्त् bast bəst to injure, to ask, to go
65 बेह् beh beɦ to endeavour
66 भज् bhaj b̤əd͡ʒ to break, to split, to interrupt, to frustrate, to disappoint
to give, to cook
to speak, to shine
to worship
to honour, to divide
to be attached to, to serve
67 भाज् bhaj b̤aːd͡ʒ to divide, to distribute
68 भक्ष् bhaksh b̤əkʂ to eat
to eat, to devour
69 भल् bhal b̤əl to speak, to kill, to give
to see, to behold
70 भाम् bham b̤aːm to be angry
to be angry
71 भण् bhan b̤əɳ to speak, to call
72 भण्ड् bhand b̤əɳɖ to be fortunate, to be happy, to cheat
to speak, to jest, to chide
73 भन्द् bhand b̤ənd to be prosperous or glad
74 भर्त्स् bharts b̤ərts to menace, to reprove, to beride
75 भर्व् bharv b̤ərv to kill
76 भस् bhas b̤əs to censure, to blame, o shine
77 भास् bhas b̤aːs to shine, to appear, to become evident
78 भष् bhash b̤əʂ to bark, to revile
79 भाष् bhash b̤aːʂ to speak, to say
to call, to describe
80 भट् bhat b̤əʈ to hire, to nourish
to speak, to call
81 भेष् bhesh b̤eʂ to fear, to go
82 भी bhi b̤iː to fear, to be afraid of, to be anxious about
83 भिद् bhid b̤id to break, to cut asunder, to transgress, to divide, to open, to cause to expand, to change, to perplex, to distinguish, to disturb, to betray, to set at variance
84 भिक्ष् bhiksh b̤ikʂ to ask
to beg for without obtaining, to be weary or distressed, to obtain
85 भिन्द् bhind b̤ind to split, to divide
86 भ्लक्ष् bhlaksh b̤ləkʂ to eat
87 भ्लाश् bhlash b̤laːʃ to shine, to glitter
88 भ्लेष् bhlesh b̤leʂ to shine, to glitter
89 भ्रक्ष् bhraksh b̤rəkʂ to eat
90 भ्रम् bhram b̤rəm to be unsteady, to wander, to totter
to roam about
91 भ्रण् bhran b̤rəɳ to speak
92 भ्रंश् bhransh b̤rənʃ to fall, to drop down
to fall down, to decrease, to escape
93 भ्रश् bhrash b̤rəʃ to fall, to drop down
94 भ्राश् bhrash b̤raːʃ to shine, to glitter
95 भ्रस्ज् bhrasj b̤rəsd͡ʒ to fry, to roast, to parch
96 भ्रेज् bhrej b̤red͡ʒ to shine, to glitter
97 भ्रेष् bhresh b̤reʂ to fear, to go
98 भृ bhri b̤r̩ to bear, to support, to nourish, to protect, to produce, to bestow, to hire
to blame, to censure, to nourish, to maintain
to support, to bear, to have, to fill
99 भ्री bhri b̤riː to fear, to support
100 भृज् bhrij b̤r̩d͡ʒ to parch, to fry
101 भृंश् bhrinsh b̤r̩nʃ to speak, to shine
102 भृश् bhrish b̤r̩ʃ to fall down
103 भ्रुड् bhrud b̤ruɖ to cover, to collect, to plunge
104 भ्रूण् bhrun b̤ruːɳ to hope, to fear
105 भू bhu b̤uː to be purified, to consider, to mix
to be
to obtain, to attend
106 भुज् bhuj b̤ud͡ʒ to bend, to curve, to be crooked
to protect, to govern, to rule
107 भूंष् bhunsh b̤uːnʂ to adorn
108 भूष् bhush b̤uːʂ to adorn, to decorate
109 भ्यस् bhyas b̤jəs to fear
110 बिल् bil bil to break
to break, to split, to divide
111 बिन्द् bind bind to split, to cleave, to divide
112 बिस् bis bis to throw, to instigate, to go, to split, to grow
113 बिट् bit biʈ to swear, to curse, to shout
114 बृह् brih br̩ɦ to work, to labour
115 बृंह् brinh br̩nɦ to increase, to sound
116 बृन्न् brinn br̩nn to grow, to increase
117 ब्रू bru bruː to speak
to say
to tell
118 ब्रूस् brus bruːs to kill, to hurt
119 बुड् bud buɖ to discharge, to cover
120 बुध् budh bud̤ to know, to understand, to awake, to be restored to one’s senses
to know
to understand
to think
to make known
to inform
to teach
121 बुक्क् bukk bukk to bark, to speak
to bark
to sound
to yelp
to speak
122 बुन्द् bund bund to perceive
to apprehend
123 बुस् bus bus to discharge, to emit
124 बुस्त् bust bust to respect, to disrespect
125 ब्युस् byus bjus to divide
126 चच् chach t͡ʃət͡ʃ to go
to shake
to leap
127 चह् chah t͡ʃəɦ to be wicked, to be proud, to cheat
to be wicked
to be proud
to cheat
128 चक् chak t͡ʃək to be satisfied
to be satisfied, to repel
to resist, to shine
129 चकास् chakas t͡ʃəkaːs to shine, to be bright or prosperous
130 चक्क् chakk t͡ʃəkk to suffer, to give pain
131 चक्ष् chaksh t͡ʃəkʂ to speak, to tell, to see
132 चल् chal t͡ʃəl to foster, to cherish
to play
to amuse oneself
133 चम् cham t͡ʃəm to eat
to eat
to drink
134 चम्ब् chamb t͡ʃəmb to go
135 चम्प् champ t͡ʃəmp to go
to go
136 चण् chan t͡ʃəɳ to go, to sound
137 चन् chan t͡ʃən to believe, to kill
to kill
138 चण्ड् chand t͡ʃəɳɖ to be angry
to be angry
139 चन्द् chand t͡ʃənd to be glad
to shine
140 चङ्क् chank t͡ʃəŋk to reel
to roll
141 चप् chap t͡ʃəp to console
to sooth
to grind
142 चर् char t͡ʃər to doubt
to go
to walk, to graze
to eat
143 चर्ब् charb t͡ʃərb to go
144 चर्च् charch t͡ʃərt͡ʃ to discuss, to condemn
to censure
to peruse, to study
145 चर्व् charv t͡ʃərv to chew, to eat
to browse
to chop
to bite
to eat, to chew
146 चष् chash t͡ʃəʂ to eat
147 चट् chat t͡ʃəʈ to break, to rain, to cover
to kill, to injure
to break
148 चत् chat t͡ʃət to beg, to request
149 चय् chay t͡ʃəj to go
150 चाय् chay t͡ʃaːj to worship, to discern
151 चेल् chel t͡ʃel to shake
to go
152 चेष्ट् chesht t͡ʃeʂʈ to act
153 छद् chhad t͡ʃʰəd to close, to conceal, to cover
to conceal, to cover
154 छम् chham t͡ʃʰəm to eat, to consume
155 छन्द् chhand t͡ʃʰənd to cover
to cover, to please, to persuade
156 छर्द् chhard t͡ʃʰərd to vomit
157 छष् chhash t͡ʃʰəʂ to hurt
to injure, to kill
158 छट् chhat t͡ʃʰəʈ to cover
to veil
to hide
159 छेद् chhed t͡ʃʰed to divide, to cut
160 छिद् chhid t͡ʃʰid to cut, to interrupt, to destroy
161 छिद्र् chhidr t͡ʃʰidr to perforate, to bore
162 छीक् chhik t͡ʃʰiːk to endure
163 छिल्ल् chhill t͡ʃʰill to become loose
to act wantonly
to sport
164 छिन्ह् chhinh t͡ʃʰinɦ to mark
165 छ्O chho t͡ʃʰo to cut, to mow
166 छृद् chhrid t͡ʃʰr̩d to kindle
to kindle
to shine, to play
167 छृप् chhrip t͡ʃʰr̩p to kindle, to beg
168 छृष् chhrish t͡ʃʰr̩ʂ to beg or request
169 छुड् chhud t͡ʃʰuɖ to cover
170 छुप् chhup t͡ʃʰup to touch
171 छुर् chhur t͡ʃʰur to cut
to engrave
to envelop
172 छुट् chhut t͡ʃʰuʈ to cut
173 चि chi t͡ʃi to collect
to collect, to cover
174 चीब् chib t͡ʃiːb to take, to wear, to cover
175 चीभ् chibh t͡ʃiːb̤ to coax, to boast
176 चीक् chik t͡ʃiːk to suffer
177 चिक्क् chikk t͡ʃikk to give pain
178 चिल् chil t͡ʃil to dress
179 चिन्त् chint t͡ʃint to contemplate, to think, to discuss
to remember
180 चिरि chiri t͡ʃiri to kill
181 चिट् chit t͡ʃiʈ to send out
to send out
182 चित् chit t͡ʃit to perceive
to think
to recover consciousness
to think, to perceive, to see, to regain consciousness
183 चित्र् chitr t͡ʃitr to paint, to make variegated, to see or regard anything as wonderful
184 चीव् chiv t͡ʃiːv to speak, to shine
185 चृप् chrip t͡ʃr̩p to excite, to light
to excite
to light
186 चृत् chrit t͡ʃr̩t to kill
to hurt
to connect together
187 चुच्य chuchya t͡ʃut͡ʃjə to bathe, to churn, to press
188 चुड् chud t͡ʃuɖ to conceal
189 चुद् chud t͡ʃud to become small
to drive, to put forward, to press, to push on
190 चुड्ड् chudd t͡ʃuɖɖ to sport, to hint one’s meaning
191 चुक्क् chukk t͡ʃukk to suffer pain
192 चुल् chul t͡ʃul to raise, to elevate
193 चुल्ल् chull t͡ʃull to sport, to make amorous gestures
194 चुलुम्प् chulump t͡ʃulump to swing, to rock
to agitate
195 चुम्ब् chumb t͡ʃumb to kill
to kiss
196 चुण्ड् chund t͡ʃuɳɖ to become small, to cut off
197 चुण्ट् chunt t͡ʃuɳʈ to cut off
198 चुप् chup t͡ʃup to move slowly
199 चुर् chur t͡ʃur to steal, to assume
200 चूर् chur t͡ʃuːr to burn
201 चूर्ण् churn t͡ʃuːrɳ to pulverize, to crush, to drive, to contract
202 चूष् chush t͡ʃuːʂ to drink
203 चुट् chut t͡ʃuʈ cuṅḍ to cut
to cut
204 च्यु chyu t͡ʃju to endure, to laugh
to go
to drop down
to fall, to swerve
205 च्युस् chyus t͡ʃjus to endure, to laugh
206 च्युत् chyut t͡ʃjut to flow
to trickle
207 दा da daː to cut
to give
to give
208 डब् dab ɖəb to throw, to send
209 दद् dad dəd to give
to offer
to present
210 दध् dadh dəd̤ to hold: to possess
211 दघ् dagh dəɡ̤ to destroy, to protect
212 दह् dah dəɦ to reduce to ashed
to burn
to scorch
to torment
213 दै dai dæː to purify
to cleanse, to be purified
214 दक्ष् daksh dəkʂ to go
to kill
to increase, to do or act quickly
215 दल् dal dəl to break
to split
to expand, to open
to cut, to tear
216 दम् dam dəm to be quiet, to restrain, to tame, to subdue
217 दम्भ् dambh dəmb̤ to deceive, to injure
to send, to propel
218 दान् dan daːn to cut off, to straighten
219 दण्ड् dand dəɳɖ to punish, to fine, to be subdued
220 दंस् dans dəns to speak
221 दंश् dansh dənʃ to bite, to sting
to bite
to sting
to see, to bite
to speak
222 डप् dap ɖəp to collect
223 दरिद्रा daridra dəridraː to be poor
to be distressed
224 दस् das dəs to perish
to see, to bite
225 दास् das daːs to give
226 दाश् dash daːʃ to kill
to give
to offer an oblation
227 दात् dat daːt to cut, to divide
228 दय् day dəj to pity, to give
to go
to protect
to kill
to take
229 दाय् day daːj to give
230 दे de de to protect
231 देव् dev dev to play, to sport
to lament
232 धा dha d̤aː to hold, to put, to maintain, to give, to grant, to bear, to assume, to have
233 धाख् dhakh d̤aːkʰ to be dry, to be able
234 धक्क् dhakk d̤əkk to kill, to destroy
235 धण् dhan d̤əɳ to sound
236 धन् dhan d̤ən to bear fruit, to produce crops of grain
237 धंस् dhans d̤əns to fall down
to perish
to go
238 धन्व् dhanv d̤ənv to go
239 ढौक् dhauk ɖ̤ɔːk to go, to approach
240 धाव् dhav d̤aːv to run
to flow, to cleanse, to wash
241 धे dhe d̤e to suck, to drink, to draw
242 धेक् dhek d̤ek to see
243 धि dhi d̤i to hold
to possess
244 धी dhi d̤iː to support, to hold, to despise
245 धिक्ष् dhiksh d̤ikʂ to kindle, to be harassed or weary, to live
246 धिन्व् dhinv d̤inv to please, to delight
247 धिष् dhish d̤iʂ to sound
248 ध्मा dhma d̤maː to blow
to breathe out, to produce sound by blowing, to blow a fire, to manufacture by blowing
249 ध्Oर् dhor d̤or to go quickly, to run, to trot
to be skilful
250 ध्राड् dhrad d̤raːɖ to divide
to split
251 ध्राध् dhradh d̤raːd̤ to be able or competent
252 ध्रै dhrai d̤ræː to be pleased
253 ध्रज् dhraj d̤rəd͡ʒ to go
254 ध्रण् dhran d̤rəɳ to sound as a drum or other instrument
255 ध्रण्ज् dhranj d̤rəɳd͡ʒ to go
256 ध्रांक्ष् dhranksh d̤raːŋkʂ to desire
to caw
to crow
257 ध्रस् dhras d̤rəs to glean
to glean
to glean
258 ध्रेक् dhrek d̤rek to sound
to be filled with joy
259 धृ dhri d̤r̩ to be
to exist
to grow old
to hold, to owe
to hold, to support, to possess, to keep, to seize, to place
260 ध्रिज् dhrij d̤rid͡ʒ to go
261 धृज् dhrij d̤r̩d͡ʒ to go
262 धृष् dhrish d̤r̩ʂ to be bold, confident, impudent or impatient
to challenge
to come together, to hurt or injure, to offend
to offend, to overcome
263 ध्रु dhru d̤ru to be firm
to go
to be fixed
264 ध्रुव् dhruv d̤ruv to go
to stand firm
265 धु dhu d̤u to shake
to tremble
266 धू dhu d̤uː to shake, to agitate
to shake, to excite
to shake, to excite
to shake
to cause to tremble
to shake
to tremble
267 धुक्ष् dhuksh d̤ukʂ to kindle
to be harassed or weary, to live
268 धूप् dhup d̤uːp to heat, to fumigate, to perfume, to be heated
to speak, to shine
269 धूर् dhur d̤uːr to kill, to go
270 धुर्व् dhurv d̤urv to injure, hurt or kill
271 धूश् dhush d̤uːʃ dhūs to make splendid
272 ध्वज् dhvaj d̤vəd͡ʒ to go
to go
273 ध्वण् dhvan d̤vəɳ to sound
274 ध्वन् dhvan d̤vən to sound
to sound
275 ध्वांक्ष् dhvanksh d̤vaːŋkʂ to desire
to caw
to crow
276 ध्वृ dhvri d̤vr̩ to bend
to kill
277 ध्यै dhyai d̤jæː to think of, to meditate, to recollect
278 डी di ɖiː to fly
to fly
to pass through the air
279 दी di diː to perish, to decay
280 दिधी didhi did̤iː to shine
to appear
281 दिक्ष् diksh dikʂ to increase
to anoint
to soil
282 दीक्ष् diksh diːkʂ to be shaved
to perform a sacrifice, to invest with a sacred thread
to practise self-restraint
to teach religious observances
to prepare oneself for the performance of a sacred rite
to dedicate oneself to
283 दिन्व् dinv dinv to be glad or pleased, to gladden, to please
284 डिप् dip ɖip to collect, to heap together
to throw
to throw, to send
285 दीप् dip diːp to shine, to burn, to be illustrious
286 दिश् dish diʃ to give
to order
to tell
to show
to grant
287 दिव् div div to cause to lament
to lament
to play with dice or gamble, to desire
to overcome, to traffic, to shine, to praise, to be glad, to be mad or drunk, to be sleepy, to wish for, to go
to rub
288 द्O do do to cut, to mow
289 द्रा dra draː to run, to fly, to be spoiled, to sleep
290 द्राड् drad draːɖ to cut, to split
291 द्राघ् dragh draːɡ̤ to be able
to stretch
to exert oneself
to be weary
to vex
to wander about
292 द्राह् drah draːɦ to wake
293 द्रै drai dræː to sleep
294 द्राख् drakh draːkʰ to become dry
to be able
to prevent
to adorn
295 द्रम् dram drəm to go
to run
296 द्रांक्ष् dranksh draːŋkʂ to desire, to utter a discordant sound
297 द्रेक् drek drek to sound
to show joy
to be exhilarated
298 दृ dri dr̩ to kill
to fear
to honour
to care for
to tear, to split open
to fear
299 दृभ् dribh dr̩b̤ to fear
to string, to connect
to string
to connect
to tie
to string
300 दृह् drih dr̩ɦ to increase
to prosper
to fasten
to be firm
301 दृंफ् drinph dr̩mpʰ to give pain
302 दृप् drip dr̩p to be glad
to be proud
to give pain
to light, to kindle
to light
to kindle
to inflame
303 दृफ् driph dr̩pʰ to give pain
304 दृश् drish dr̩ʃ to see
to behold
to visit
to learn
to investigate
305 द्र्Oढव्य drodhavya droɖ̤vjə drohitavya, drogdhum or droḍhum or drohitum
306 द्रु dru dru to go, to flow, to run
to retreat, to melt
to attack, to rush
to kill
307 द्रुह् druh druɦ to bear hatred, to seek to hurt
308 द्रुण् drun druɳ to go
to kill
to make crooked
309 दु du du to give pain, to burn, to be distressed
to go
310 दुह् duh duɦ to injure, hurt or kill
to milk
to extract
to yield
311 दुह्ख् duhkh duɦkʰ to give pain
312 दुल् dul dul to shake to and fro
313 दुर्व् durv durv to kill
314 दुष् dush duʂ to be soiled, to be impure, to sin
315 द्विष् dvish dviʂ to hate
to dislike
316 द्वृ dvri dvr̩ to cover, to appropriate
317 द्यै dyai djæː to despise
to disfigure
318 द्यु dyu dju to assail, to advance towards
319 द्युत् dyut djut to shine
to be bright
320 एध् edh ed̤ to grow: to increase, to prosper, to extend, to swell, to rise
321 एज् ej ed͡ʒ to shine
to tremble or shake
322 एष् esh eʂ to go
323 एट् et eʈ to annoy
to oppose
324 ग ga ɡə to sing, to relate
325 गा ga ɡaː to praise, to be born
to go
326 गड् gad ɡəɖ to distil
327 गद् gad ɡəd to speak, to say
to thunder
328 गाध् gadh ɡaːd̤ to set out for, to dive, to seek, to compile, to string together, to stay
329 गह् gah ɡəɦ to be thick, to enter deeply into
330 गाह् gah ɡaːɦ to dive, to bathe
to penetrate, to agitate or churn, to be absorbed in
to hide onself in
to destroy
331 गज् gaj ɡəd͡ʒ to sound
to sound
to sound or roar
to be drunk or confused
332 गल् gal ɡəl to eat
to drip
to flow, to dissolve
333 गल्भ् galbh ɡəlb̤ to be bold or confident
334 गल्ह् galh ɡəlɦ to blame, to censure
335 गम् gam ɡəm to go
336 गण् gan ɡəɳ to count
337 गण्ड् gand ɡəɳɖ to affect the cheek
338 गन्द् gand ɡənd to affect the cheek
339 गन्ध्र् gandhr ɡənd̤r to injure, to ask
340 गर्ब् garb ɡərb to go
341 गर्द् gard ɡərd to sound
342 गर्द्ग्र्द् gardgrd ɡərdɡrd to play
343 गर्ध् gardh ɡərd̤ to desire
344 गर्ह् garh ɡərɦ to blame
to censure
to censure, to blame
345 गर्ज् garj ɡərd͡ʒ to roar
to growl
to thunder
to roar
346 गर्व् garv ɡərv to be proud
to be proud
347 गवेष् gavesh ɡəveʂ to seek, to hunt after
348 गेप् gep ɡep to shake
349 गेष् gesh ɡeʂ to search
to investigate
350 गेव् gev ɡev to seve
351 घघ् ghagh ɡ̤əɡ̤ to laugh
352 घण्ट् ghant ɡ̤əɳʈ to speak, to shine
to speak
to shine
353 घर्ब् gharb ɡ̤ərb to go
354 घस् ghas ɡ̤əs to eat
to devour
355 घट् ghat ɡ̤əʈ to act
to be intently occupied with
to happen
to be united with
to come to, to reach
to move,t o collect, to speak
356 घट्ट् ghatt ɡ̤əʈʈ to shake
to shake, to stir
357 घिण्ण् ghinn ɡ̤iɳɳ to take
358 घ्रा ghra ɡ̤raː to smell
359 घृ ghri ɡ̤r̩ to sprinkle, to shine
to sprinkle, to cover
360 घृण् ghrin ɡ̤r̩ɳ to shine, to burn
361 घृण्ण् ghrinn ɡ̤r̩ɳɳ to take
362 घृष् ghrish ɡ̤r̩ʂ to grind, to pound, to strike, to rub, to brush, to polish
363 घु ghu ɡ̤u to sound
364 घुण् ghun ɡ̤uɳ to roll
to stagger
to reel
365 घुण्ण् ghunn ɡ̤uɳɳ to take
366 घुंष् ghunsh ɡ̤unʂ to diffuse lustre
367 घुर् ghur ɡ̤ur to frighten
to sound
368 घूर् ghur ɡ̤uːr to kill, to become old
369 घूर्ण् ghurn ɡ̤uːrɳ to roll
to whirl
to whirl
to roll
to reel
370 घुष् ghush ɡ̤uʂ to be beautiful or brilliant
to proclaim, to announce
to sound, to proclaim
371 घुट् ghut ɡ̤uʈ to strike against
to return
to exchange
372 ग्लै glai ɡlæː to despond, to wane
to be fatigued
373 ग्लेप् glep ɡlep to be poor or miserable
to shake
374 ग्लेष् glesh ɡleʂ to seek
375 ग्लेव् glev ɡlev to serve or worship
376 ग्लुच् gluch ɡlut͡ʃ to go
377 ग्लुह् gluh ɡluɦ to take
378 ग्Oम् gom ɡom to smear, to anoint
379 ग्Oष्ट् gosht ɡoʂʈ to assemble
to collect
to heap together
380 ग्रह् grah ɡrəɦ to take
to captivate
to buy
to understand
381 ग्राम् gram ɡraːm to invite, to conceal
382 ग्रन्थ् granth ɡrəntʰ to be crooked or wicked, to bend
to bind, to arrange
to bind, to arrange in a regular order
to put together
to compose
to arrange, to fasten
383 ग्रस् gras ɡrəs to eat
to devour, to swallow
to consume
to seize
to eclipse
to destroy
to take, to devour
384 गृ gri ɡr̩ to know
to sound
to speak
to praise
to sprinkle, to wet
to swallow
385 गृध् gridh ɡr̩d̤ to covet, to long for
386 गृह् grih ɡr̩ɦ to take, to seize
to take
to seize
387 गृज् grij ɡr̩d͡ʒ to sound, to roar, to grumble
388 ग्रुच् gruch ɡrut͡ʃ to steal
389 गु gu ɡu to speak inarticulately
to void or discharge excrement
390 गुड् gud ɡuɖ to protect
391 गुद् gud ɡud to play
392 गुध् gudh ɡud̤ to be angry
to cover
to play
393 गुह् guh ɡuɦ to cover
to hide
394 गुज् guj ɡud͡ʒ to hum or buzz
to hum or buzz, to sound inarticulately
to sound
395 गुण् gun ɡuɳ to invite, to advise, to multiply
396 गुण्ड् gund ɡuɳɖ to enclose, to protect, to pound
to envelope, to protect, to pound
397 गुन्द् gund ɡund to tell a lie
398 गुण्ठ् gunth ɡuɳʈʰ to enclose, to envelop
to enclose
to envelope
399 गुप् gup ɡup to be confused or disturbed
to censure
to despise, to hide
to protect, to conceal
to speak, to conceal, to shine
400 गुफ् guph ɡupʰ to string together
401 गुर् gur ɡur to kill, to go
to make an effort
402 गूर् gur ɡuːr to make an effort
403 गुर्द् gurd ɡurd to dwell
404 गूर्द् gurd ɡuːrd to praise
405 गुर्व् gurv ɡurv to endeavour, to elevate
406 हा ha ɦaː to abandon, to leave, to desert, to omit, to neglect
to go, to aggain
to go, to attain
407 हद् had ɦəd to void or discharge excrement
408 हाद् had ɦaːd to sound, to row
409 हग् hag ɦəɡ to cover, to conceal
410 हल् hal ɦəl to express amorous inclinations
to plough, to make furrows, to go
to shake, to go
411 हम्म् hamm ɦəmm to go, to move
412 हन् han ɦən to kill, to go
413 हर्य् hary ɦərj to go, to shine
414 हस् has ɦəs to laugh, to smile, to joke, to open, to resemble, to ridicule
to sound, to become small
415 हट् hat ɦəʈ to shine
416 हठ् hath ɦəʈʰ to leap, to be wicked, to treat with violence
417 हेड् hed ɦeɖ to disrgard
to surround, to clothe
418 हेष् hesh ɦeʂ to bray
to roar, to neigh
419 हेट् het ɦeʈ to be wicked, to vex
420 हेठ् heth ɦeʈʰ to be wicked, to vex, to hinder
421 हि hi ɦi to go
to grow
422 हीछ् hichh ɦiːt͡ʃʰ to be ashamed or modest, to blush
423 हिड् hid ɦiɖ to go, to wander, to disregard
424 हिक्क् hikk ɦikk to injure, to kill
to make any indistinct sound
425 हिंस् hins ɦins to kill
to kill
426 हिन्व् hinv ɦinv to please, to satisfy
427 हिष्क् hishk ɦiʂk to injure, to kill
428 हिट् hit ɦiʈ to curse, to swear, to shout
429 हिठ hitha ɦiʈʰ to be born again, to come forth
430 ह्लाद् hlad ɦlaːd to sound, to be glad
431 ह्लग् hlag ɦləɡ to cover, to conceal
432 ह्लस् hlas ɦləs to sound
433 ह्नु hnu ɦnu to conceal, to take away, to deny
434 ह्Oड् hod ɦoɖ to disregard
to go, to move
435 ह्रेष् hresh ɦreʂ to neigh , to go, to creep
436 हृ hri ɦr̩ to take forcibly
to carry, to bring, to take, to steal, to acquire, to captivate, to charm
437 हृष् hrish ɦr̩ʂ to rejoice, to exult, to stand erect as hair
to tell a lie
438 हु hu ɦu to sacrifice, to eat, to please
439 हुड् hud ɦuɖ to collect
to go
440 हूड् hud ɦuːɖ to go
441 हुल् hul ɦul to go
442 हुण्ड् hund ɦuɳɖ to collect, to select, to take away
443 हुर्छ् hurchh ɦurt͡ʃʰ to be crooked, to deceive
444 ह्वल् hval ɦvəl to move, to shake, to be confused, to be afflicted
445 ह्वे hve ɦve to vie with, to challenge, to call, to ask, to invoke
446 ह्वृ hvri ɦvr̩ to be crooked, to deceive
447 इ i i to go
to go
to study
to think of, to remember
448 ई i iː to go, to pervade, to conceive, to desire, to throw, to eat
to go
to go
449 ईड् id iːɖ to praise
to praise
450 ईज् ij iːd͡ʒ to go
to censure, to blame
451 इख् ikh ikʰ to go, to move
452 ईख् ikh iːkʰ to go
453 ईक्ष् iksh iːkʂ to see
454 इल् il il to send, to cast
to sleep, to throw
455 ईन् in iːn to endeavour, to obtain, to aim at, to wish
456 इन्ध् indh ind̤ to shine, to kindle
457 इङ्ग् ing iŋɡ to go, to move
458 इङ्ख् inkh iŋkʰ to go, to move
459 इण्ट् int iɳʈ to have superhuman faculties, to be powerful
460 इन्व् inv inv to pervade
to please
to be satisfied
461 ईर् ir iːr to go
to go, to shake
to throw, to pronounce
462 ईर्ष्य् irshy iːrʂj to envy
463 इष् ish iʂ to go
to repeat
to wish
464 ईश् ish iːʃ to rule, to command, to possess powder
465 ईष् ish iːʂ to escape, to kill, to see
to glean
466 इट् it iʈ to go
467 जा ja d͡ʒaː to command, to direct
to know
to ascertain
to recognize
to consider
468 जभ् jabh d͡ʒəb̤ to yawn, to gape
469 जड् jad d͡ʒəɖ to heap
470 जागृ jagri d͡ʒaːɡr̩ to be awake or watchful
471 जै jai d͡ʒæː to decay
472 जज् jaj d͡ʒəd͡ʒ to fight
to fight
473 जक्ष् jaksh d͡ʒəkʂ to eat, to consume, to laugh
474 जल् jal d͡ʒəl to cover
to strike, to be rich, to hide
to encircle, to be sharp
to be cold, stiff, dull, or dumb
475 जल्प् jalp d͡ʒəlp to speak, to prattle, to babble, to murmur, to chatter, to praise
476 जम् jam d͡ʒəm to eat
477 जम्भ् jambh d͡ʒəmb̤ to destroy
478 जम्म् jamm d͡ʒəmm to destroy
479 जन् jan d͡ʒən to be born
to be born, to grow, to become
480 जंस् jans d͡ʒəns to protect, to release
to protect, to release
481 जप् jap d͡ʒəp to know, to cause to know, to see, to please
to mutter, to mediate
482 जर्च् jarch d͡ʒərt͡ʃ to speak, to blame
483 जर्ज् jarj d͡ʒərd͡ʒ to say
to blame
to kill
to reprove
484 जस् jas d͡ʒəs to hurt, to strike
to injure, to strike
to set free
485 जष् jash d͡ʒəʂ to kill
486 जट् jat d͡ʒəʈ to become matted
487 जेह् jeh d͡ʒeɦ to try, to go
488 जेष् jesh d͡ʒeʂ to go
489 झम् jham d͡ʒ̤əm to eat
to consume
490 झर्झ् jharjh d͡ʒ̤ərd͡ʒ̤ to speak
to blame
to menace
to speak
to hurt, injure or kill
to menace
491 झष् jhash d͡ʒ̤əʂ to hurt, injure or kill
to take, to put on or wear
492 झट् jhat d͡ʒ̤əʈ to become matted together , to become confused or entangled
493 झृ jhri d͡ʒ̤r̩ to become old
to decay
to grow old
494 जि ji d͡ʒi to conquer
to overcome
to surpass, to win, to restrain
495 जिम् jim d͡ʒim to eat
496 जिन्व् jinv d͡ʒinv to please
to be lively, active, busy
to excise
to animate, to promote, confer
to speak
497 जिष् jish d͡ʒiʂ to sprinkle
498 जीव् jiv d͡ʒiːv to live, to revive, to live upon
499 जृ jri d͡ʒr̩ to grow old, to decay, to perish, to be digested
to grow old, to decay
to grow old, to waste away
to decay
to grow old, to waste away
to decay
500 ज्रि jri d͡ʒri to conquer
to defeat, to grow old
to grow old, to decay
501 जु ju d͡ʒu to go, to be quick
502 जुड् jud d͡ʒuɖ to go
to send, to direct
503 जुग् jug d͡ʒuɡ to abandon
to exclude
504 जुम्भ् jumbh d͡ʒumb̤ to gape
to yawn
to expand
to open
to spread
to increase, appear, to rise
505 जूर् jur d͡ʒuːr to kill, to grow old, to be angry
506 जुष् jush d͡ʒuʂ to please
to like
to take delight in
to suffer
to enter
to reason
to investigate
to be satisfied
to hurt
to think, to examine, to be satisfied
507 जुत् jut d͡ʒut to shine
508 ज्वल् jval d͡ʒvəl to blaze
to glow
to shine
509 ज्वर् jvar d͡ʒvər to be hot with fever or passion
to be ill
510 ज्या jya d͡ʒjaː to become old, to decay
511 ज्यु jyu d͡ʒju to go
512 कब् kab kəb to colour
513 कच् kach kət͡ʃ to bind
to cry
to shine
to bind
514 काच् kach kaːt͡ʃ to shine
to bind
515 कड् kad kəɖ to be confused
to be proud
516 कद् kad kəd to be confounded, to grieve
517 कड्ड् kadd kəɖɖ to be harsh or rough
518 कग् kag kəɡ to perform or do anything or act
519 कै kai kæː to sound
520 कक् kak kək to wish
to be proud
to be unsteady
to be thirsty
521 कख् kakh kəkʰ to
522 कल् kal kəl to go, to count, to hold, to know, to regard
to sound
to count
to throw
523 काल् kal kaːl to count the time
524 कल्ल् kall kəll to sound indistinctly
525 कम् kam kəm to love, to long for
to have intercourse with
to value highly
526 कम्ब् kamb kəmb to go
527 कम्प् kamp kəmp to shake or tremble
528 कण् kan kəɳ to cry or bewail
to go or approach
to wink
529 कन् kan kən to shine
to love
to wish
to go
530 कण्ड् kand kəɳɖ to be proud
to be proud
to unhusk
to separate the chaff from the grain, to protect
531 कन्द् kand kənd to be confounded
to grieve
to call
to shed tears
532 कङ्क् kank kəŋk to go
533 काङ्क्ष् kanksh kaːŋkʂ to desire or long for
534 कंस् kans kəns to go, to destroy
535 कण्ठ् kanth kəɳʈʰ to be anxious, to remember with regret
to grive for, to miss
536 कर्ब् karb kərb to go or approach
537 कर्द् kard kərd to rumble
to caw
538 कर्ज् karj kərd͡ʒ to pain
539 कर्ण् karn kərɳ to bore
540 कर्त् kart kərt to slacken
541 कर्व् karv kərv to be proud, to boast
542 कस् kas kəs to go
543 कास् kas kaːs to cough
544 कश् kash kəʃ to go, to punish
to sound
545 कष् kash kəʂ to kill or injure
to try on a touchstone
to rub
546 काश् kash kaːʃ to shine
to shine
547 कट् kat kəʈ to go
to go or approach
to rain
to cover or to surround
548 कठ् kath kəʈʰ to drag on the days of life, to live in distress
549 कथ् kath kətʰ to tell
550 कत्र् katr kətr to slacken
551 कत्थ् katth kəttʰ to praise
to boast
to flatter
552 कव् kav kəv to praise
to describe, to compose a poem
553 केल् kel kel to shake
to sport
554 केप् kep kep to shake or tremble
555 केत् ket ket to make hear, to call, to advise
556 खब् khab kʰəb to go
557 खच् khach kʰət͡ʃ to be born again
to come forth
to fasten, to set
558 खद् khad kʰəd to be firm, to kill
559 खाद् khad kʰaːd to eat
to devour
560 खढ् khadh kʰəɖ̤ to break in pieces
561 खै khai kʰæː to strike
to be firm
562 खज् khaj kʰəd͡ʒ to churn
to agitate
to limp
563 खक्ख् khakkh kʰəkkʰ to laugh at
564 खन् khan kʰən to dig up
565 खण्ड् khand kʰəɳɖ khuṅḍ to break in pieces
to break, to cut, to tear to pieces
566 खर्ब् kharb kʰərb to go
567 खर्द् khard kʰərd to bite, to sting
568 खर्ज् kharj kʰərd͡ʒ to pain
to worship
569 खर्व् kharv kʰərv to proud or haughty
570 खष् khash kʰəʂ to injure, hurt or kill
571 खट् khat kʰəʈ to desire
572 खट्ट् khatt kʰəʈʈ to cover, to screen
573 खेल् khel kʰel to shake
to tremble
to play
574 खेट् khet kʰeʈ to eat
575 खेव् khev kʰev to serve
576 खिद् khid kʰid to be displeased or distressed
to be distresed
to strike
to afflict
to be displeased
577 खिल् khil kʰil to glean
578 खिट् khit kʰiʈ to fear, to frighten
579 ख्Oट् khot kʰoʈ to throw, to eat
to limp, to be lame
580 खु khu kʰu to sound
581 खुड् khud kʰuɖ to cover
582 खुज् khuj kʰud͡ʒ to rob
to steal
583 खुण्ड् khund kʰuɳɖ to limp
to break into pieces
584 खुर् khur kʰur to cut
585 खुर्द् khurd kʰurd to play
586 ख्या khya kʰjaː to relate, to tell
587 कि ki ki to know
588 किल् kil kil to become white
to sport
to send
589 कील् kil kiːl to bind
to fit
590 किष्क् kishk kiʂk to kill
591 किट् kit kiʈ to fear
to frighten
to go or approach
592 कित् kit kit to desire
to dwell
to live
to heal or cure
to doubt
593 कीट् kit kiːʈ to tinge, to colour
594 क्लद् klad kləd to make defective
595 क्लम् klam kləm to be fatigued
to be fatigued
596 क्लन्द् kland klənd to call out
to cry
597 क्लप् klap kləp to whisper
598 क्लथ् klath klətʰ to hurt or kill
to kill
599 क्लेश् klesh kleʃ to speak inarticulately
to impede
600 क्लेव् klev klev to serve
601 क्लीब् klib kliːb to behave like a eunuch
to be timorous or modest or unassuming
602 क्लिद् klid klid to become wet
603 क्लिन्द् klind klind to lament
604 क्लिश् klish kliʃ to be afflicted
to torment
to torment, to distress
605 क्लु klu klu to go
606 क्लुप् klup klup to be fit for
to be able
607 क्मर् kmar kmər to be crooked
608 क्नस् knas knəs to be crooked in mind or body, to shine
609 क्नथ् knath knətʰ to hurt, to injure, to kill
to kill
610 क्नू knu knuː to sound
611 क्नूय् knuy knuːj to make a creaking sound
to be wet
to sink
612 क्रद् krad krəd to be confounded, to grieve
613 क्रम् kram krəm to walk
to step
to go, to cross
to leap
to ascend
614 क्रन्द् krand krənd to call out
to cry
to cry out continually
to lament
to grieve
615 क्रप् krap krəp to pity
to go
616 क्रथ् krath krətʰ to injure, hurt or kill
617 कृ kri kr̩ to do, to make
to kill, to hurt
to kill
to scatter
to throw
618 क्री kri kriː to buy
619 कृड् krid kr̩ɖ to become thick
620 क्रीड् krid kriːɖ to amuse oneself
to play
to gamble
to make a noise or creak or break
621 कृन्त् krint kr̩nt to surround
622 कृप् krip kr̩p to be able
623 कृश् krish kr̩ʃ to make or become emaciated
624 कृष् krish kr̩ʂ to draw, to plough
to draw
to plough
625 कृत् krit kr̩t to cut
to mention, to celebrate
626 क्रुच् kruch krut͡ʃ to make crooked
to bend or curve
to lessen
627 क्रुध् krudh krud̤ to be angry
628 क्रुश् krush kruʃ to call out
to cry
629 क्षद् kshad kʂəd to cut, to protect, to eat
630 क्षै kshai kʂæː to wane, to decline
to decay, to waste away
631 क्षज् kshaj kʂəd͡ʒ to go, to give
to kill
to live in distress
632 क्षल् kshal kʂəl to wash, to cleanse
633 क्षम् ksham kʂəm to endure
to forgive
to forgive
to suffer
to allow
to put up with
to resist
to be able to do anything
634 क्षम्प् kshamp kʂəmp to endure, to forgive
to forgive or endure
635 क्षण् kshan kʂəɳ to wound, to hurt, to kill
636 क्षप् kshap kʂəp to throw, to cast
637 क्षर् kshar kʂər to flow
to ooze
to wane
to become useless, to melt
638 क्षेड् kshed kʂeɖ to eat
639 क्षेव् kshev kʂev to spit out
640 क्षि kshi kʂi to kill
to decay
to wane, to waste
to dwell
to go
641 क्षी kshi kʂiː to kill
to kill
642 क्षीब् kshib kʂiːb to be drunk or intoxicated
643 क्षीज् kshij kʂiːd͡ʒ to speak inarticulately
644 क्षिण् kshin kʂiɳ to kill, to hurt
645 क्षिप् kship kʂip to throw
to throw
646 क्षिट् kshit kʂiʈ to make an inarticulate sound
647 क्षिव् kshiv kʂiv to eject from the mouth
to vomit
to spit out
to spit
648 क्षीव् kshiv kʂiːv to be drunk or intoxicated
to spit out
649 क्ष्माय् kshmay kʂmaːj to tremble
to shake
650 क्ष्मील् kshmil kʂmiːl to wink
651 क्ष्णु kshnu kʂɳu to whet
652 क्ष्Oट् kshot kʂoʈ to throw, to cast
653 क्षु kshu kʂu to sneeze
654 क्षुभ् kshubh kʂub̤ to be agitated, to shake
to be agitated
to disturb
to tremble
to agitate
655 क्षुद् kshud kʂud to go
to pound, to crush
656 क्षुध् kshudh kʂud̤ to be hungry
657 क्षुम्प् kshump kʂump to go
658 क्षुप् kshup kʂup to be intoxicated
659 क्षुर् kshur kʂur to scratch
660 क्ष्वेल् kshvel kʂvel to leap, to move
to shake
661 क्ष्विड् kshvid kʂviɖ to melt, to discharge
to be wet or unctuous
to discharge juice, to emit sap
662 क्ष्विद् kshvid kʂvid to be wet
663 कु ku ku to hum
to moan
to sound
664 कू ku kuː to sound
to sound
to groan
665 कुभ् kubh kub̤ to wet
666 कुच् kuch kut͡ʃ to contract
to shrink
to be crooked
to make crooked
to bend, or curve
to lessen
to utter a shrill cry
to contract
to bend
to be crooked
to impede
to write or delineate
667 कुड् kud kuɖ to act as a child
to heap
to sink
to become thick
668 कुद् kud kud to tell a lie
669 कूड् kud kuːɖ to become firm
to eat
670 कुद्र् kudr kudr to tell a lie
671 कुह् kuh kuɦ to surprise, to deceive
672 कुज् kuj kud͡ʒ to make any inarticulate sound, to hum
to coo
to warble
to protect
to steal
673 कुक् kuk kuk to take
to accept
to seize
674 कुल् kul kul to collect
to be related or to behave as a kinsman
to proceed uninterruptedly
to reckon
675 कुमार् kumar kumaːr to play
676 कुम्ब् kumb kumb to cover
677 कुम्भ् kumbh kumb̤ to cover
678 कुम्प् kump kump kumbh to cover, to dress
to cover
to dress
679 कुण् kun kuɳ to invite
to sound
to support with gifts
680 कूण् kun kuːɳ to speak, to hold a consultation
681 कुण्ड् kund kuɳɖ to burn
to maim or mutilate
682 कुंस् kuns kuns to speak
to speak
683 कुंश् kunsh kunʃ to shine
to shine
684 कुण्ट् kunt kuɳʈ to be lame
to cover
685 कुण्ठ् kunth kuɳʈʰ to be mutilated or blunted
to loosen
to be dull or stupid or idle
686 कुन्थ् kunth kuntʰ to hurt
to suffer pain
687 कुप् kup kup to be angry
to speak, to shine
688 कुर् kur kur to sound
689 कुर्द् kurd kurd to play
690 कुस् kus kus to embrace, to surround
691 कुष् kush kuʂ to draw out, to extract, to tear, to expel
692 कुस्म् kusm kusm to smile improperly
693 कुट् kut kuʈ to be crooked, to bend
to break into pieces
to break to pieces
to cut
694 कुत् kut kut to cover
695 कूट् kut kuːʈ to avoid giving
to render indistinct or unintelligible
to burn, to give pain
696 कुथ् kuth kutʰ to cling to, to hurt
to become putrid
to kill
697 कुत्स् kuts kuts to despise, to blame
698 कुट्ट् kutt kuʈʈ to boil
to cut, to censure
699 कुटुम्ब् kutumb kuʈumb to support
700 क्वण् kvan kvəɳ to jingle
to tinkle
to hum
to warble
701 क्वथ् kvath kvətʰ to boil
to decoct
to digest
702 ला la laː to take
to give
to melt
703 लभ् labh ləb̤ to get, to obtain, to take, to have to find, to be able, to know
704 लाभ् labh laːb̤ to throw, to direct
705 लच्छ् lachchh lət͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to mark
706 लाछ् lachh laːt͡ʃʰ to mark
to distinguish
707 लड् lad ləɖ to loll the tongue, to churn
to blame, to harass
to play
708 लग् lag ləɡ to adhere to, to become united, to come in contact, to happen, to approach, to touch, to produce an effect
to taste, to obtain
709 लाघ् lagh laːɡ̤ to be able
710 लैण् lain læːɳ to go
to approach
to embrace
to send
711 लज् laj ləd͡ʒ to be ashamed
to be bashful
to fry, to roast
to fry, to roast, to blame, to traduce
to injure, to be strong, to take, to dwell, to speak, to shine, to be manifest
712 लाज् laj laːd͡ʒ to blame, to fry
713 लख् lakh ləkʰ to go or move
to go, to move
714 लाख् lakh laːkʰ to dry
to adorn, to suffice
715 लक्ष् laksh ləkʂ to observe, to mark
to see, to look at
716 लल् lal ləl to desire, to seek
to play
717 लम्ब् lamb ləmb to sound, to delay, to fall, to hang down
718 लण्ड् land ləɳɖ to speak, to shine
to speak, to shine
to throw up
to throw up
719 लङ्ग् lang ləŋɡ to go, to limp
720 लङ्घ् langh ləŋɡ̤ to dry up, to diminish, to mount upon
to go, to fast, to transgress
to speak, to shine, to transgress
721 लप् lap ləp to speak, to prate, to whisper
722 लर्ब् larb lərb to go, to move
723 लस् las ləs to embrace, to play, to shine
724 लश् lash ləʃ to exercise an art, to do anything scientifically
725 लष् lash ləʂ to wish, to long for
726 लट् lat ləʈ to be a child, to act or talk like a child, to cry
727 लट्ट् latt ləʈʈ to fondle, to caress
728 लय् lay ləj to go, to move
729 लेप् lep lep to go
to move
730 ल्हप् lhap lɦəp to speak, to sound
731 ली li liː to adhere to, to be absorbed, to be dissolved, to hide in, to rest on, to disappear
to adhere to
to melt
to be absorbed in
to melt
to melt
732 लिह् lih liɦ to lick
to taste
733 लिख् likh likʰ to write, to scratch, to draw, to touch, to peck
734 लिङ्ग् ling liŋɡ to go
to move
to paint, to variegate
735 लिप् lip lip to anoint, to besmear, to cover, to spread over, to stain, to pollute
736 लिश् lish liʃ to decrease, to become small
to go, to move
737 ल्Oच् loch lot͡ʃ to see, to perceive
738 ल्Oड् lod loɖ to be mad
739 ल्Oक् lok lok to see
to perceive
to speak, to shine
740 ल्Oष्ट् losht loʂʈ to heap up
741 लू lu luː to cut
to pluck
to divide
to destroy
742 लुभ् lubh lub̤ to confound, to disturb
to covet, to long for, to allure
743 लुच् luch lut͡ʃ to remove
to pluck
744 लुड् lud luɖ to churn
to stir
to disturb
745 लुज् luj lud͡ʒ to injure, to be strong, to take, to dwell, to speak, to shine
to injure
to be strong
to take
to dwell
to speak
to shine
746 लुल् lul lul to move to and fro
to stir
to make tremulous
747 लुम्ब् lumb lumb to be invisible, to torment
to torment
748 लुण्ड् lund luɳɖ to steal or rob
749 लुण्ट् lunt luɳʈ to rob
to plunder
to be idle
to resist
to be lame
750 लुण्ठ् lunth luɳʈʰ to steal, to plunder
751 लुन्थ् lunth luntʰ to strike, to suffer pain
752 लुप् lup lup to be confused, to vanish
to cut, to break. to rob, to plunder, to seize, to suppress
753 लुष् lush luʂ to injure, to hurt
754 लूष् lush luːʂ to decorate
755 लुट् lut luʈ to resist
to oppose
to wallow, to roll about, to join
to churn, to agitate, to roll, to wallow, to be connected with
to churn
to agitate
to be connected
to wallow
to roll
to speak, to shine
756 लुठ् luth luʈʰ to strike, to knock down
757 मा ma maː to measure
to measure, to weigh, to limit, to compare in size
to measure
to limit
to shine
to appear
to be
758 मभ्र् mabhr məb̤r to go
759 मच् mach mət͡ʃ to cheat, to boast, to pound
to hold, to grow high, to adore
760 मद् mad məd to bind
to kill
to gratify, to please
to rejoice, to be poor or distressed, to be intoxicated or mad
761 मह् mah məɦ to worship
to worship
to revere
762 माह् mah maːɦ to measure
763 मज् maj məd͡ʒ to be mad, to sound
to sound
764 मख् makh məkʰ to go
765 मक्ष् maksh məkʂ to collect
766 मल् mal məl to hold
to possess
767 मण् man məɳ to sound, to murmur
768 मन् man mən to be proud, to stop
to know, to think
to think, to suppose, to regard as, to esteem, to honour, to know
769 मान् man maːn to investigate
to examine
to stop, to be proud
to worship
770 मण्ड् mand məɳɖ to adorn
to adorn oneself
to divide, to clothe
to surround
771 मन्द् mand mənd to praise
to be glad
to proud
to sleep
to shine
to move slowly
772 मङ्घ् mangh məŋɡ̤ to adorn, to decorate
to go, to blame, to be moving, to cheat
773 मंह् manh mənɦ to grow old
to speak, to shine
774 मङ्क् mank məŋk to adorn, to decorate
775 मङ्ख् mankh məŋkʰ to go
776 मांक्ष् manksh maːŋkʂ to desire
to wish
777 मण्ठ् manth məɳʈʰ to remember with regret
to grieve for
778 मन्थ् manth məntʰ to churn, to shake, to destroy, to afflict
to churn, to stir
to churn, to stir
to shake
to kill
to crush
to tear off
to kill
to injure
to be afflicted
to suffer pain
779 मन्त्र् mantr məntr to consult, to advise, to ponder over
780 मर्ब् marb mərb to go
781 मर्च् march mərt͡ʃ to sound, to take
782 मार्ग् marg maːrɡ to seek, to strive after, to obtain
783 मार्ज् marj maːrd͡ʒ to sound, to cleanse, to purify
784 मर्व् marv mərv to fill
785 मस् mas məs to measure, to charge for
786 मश् mash məʃ to sound
to be angry
787 मष् mash məʂ to kill
to sound
788 मस्ज् masj məsd͡ʒ to sink down, to be immersed in water
to be disheartened
789 मस्क् mask məsk to go
790 मठ् math məʈʰ to grind, to dwell
791 मव्य mavya məvjə to bind
792 मय् may məj to go
793 मे me me to return, to exchange
794 मेध् medh med̤ to know, to kill, to meet
795 मेप् mep mep to go
796 मेथ् meth metʰ to know, to understand, to kill, to hurt
797 मेव् mev mev to serve, to worship
798 मि mi mi to throw, to scatter
799 मी mi miː to die, to perish, to kill, to hurt
to go, to move
to kill, to destroy, to hurt, to lessen
800 मिच्छ् michchh mit͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to annoy, to hurt, to obstruct
801 मिद् mid mid to be greasy, to be soft, to melt
to love, to melt
to understand, to kill
802 मिध् midh mid̤ to understand, to kill
803 मिह् mih miɦ to sprinkle, to make water, to wet
804 मिज् mij mid͡ʒ to speak, to shine
805 मिल् mil mil to be united with, to meet, to join, to clash, to happen
806 मील् mil miːl to close the eyes, to twinkle, to fade, to disappear
807 मीम् mim miːm to go
808 मिन्द् mind mind to love, to melt, to become far
809 मिन्व् minv minv to love
to sprinkle
810 मिश् mish miʃ to make noise
to be angry
811 मिष् mish miʂ to make noise
to rival, to contend with, to look on or at
to sprinkle, to wet, to serve
812 मिश्र mishra miʃrə to mix, to add, to combine
813 मिथ् mith mitʰ to understand
to hurt
814 मीव् miv miːv to grow fat or large
815 म्लै mlai mlæː to be sad, to become weary, to fade, to be emaciated
816 म्लेच्छ् mlechchh mlet͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to speak indistinctly
to speak indistinctly
817 म्लेट् mlet mleʈ to be mad
818 म्लेव् mlev mlev to serve, to worship
819 म्लुच् mluch mlut͡ʃ to go, to move
820 म्ना mna mnaː to study, to repeat, to remember, to think
821 म्रद् mrad mrəd to crush, to pound
822 म्रक्ष् mraksh mrəkʂ to collect, to rub
to combine, to smear, to speak indistinctly
823 म्रेट् mret mreʈ to be mad
824 मृ mri mr̩ to die
to kill
to injure
825 मृड् mrid mr̩ɖ to make happy, to rejoise
to pound
to be happy
826 मृढ् mridh mr̩ɖ̤ to grind
to crush
to bruise
to squeeze
to press
to pound
to rule
to overcome
827 मृध् mridh mr̩d̤ to moisten, to kill
828 मृग् mrig mr̩ɡ to seek, to examine, to investigate, to beg
to seek, to hunt
829 मृज् mrij mr̩d͡ʒ to cleanse, to wipe off, to adorn, to sharpen
to cleanse
to purify
to wipe off
to wipe off, to adorn
830 मृक्ष् mriksh mr̩kʂ to collect, to rub
831 मृण् mrin mr̩ɳ to kill
832 मृश् mrish mr̩ʃ to touch, to consider, to reflect
833 मृष् mrish mr̩ʂ to bear, to endure, to suffer
to forgive
to sprinkle, to endure
834 म्रुच् mruch mrut͡ʃ to go or move
to go, to move
835 मू mu muː to bind
836 मुच् much mut͡ʃ to cheat, to be wicked, to tell
to free, to liberate, to release, to loosen, to abandon, to grant, to except, to shed, to discharge, to dismiss, to utter, to void
to loosen, to liberate, to rejoice
837 मुद् mud mud to be glad, to rejoise
to mix, to unite
838 मुह् muh muɦ to loose sense, to faint, to be bewildered, to err, to be foolish
839 मुज् muj mud͡ʒ to sound
to sound
840 मूल् mul muːl to cause to grow, to rear
to take root, to be firm, to accumulate
841 मुण् mun muɳ to promise
842 मुण्ड् mund muɳɖ to be pure, to sink
to grind, to shave, to shear
843 मुण्ठ् munth muɳʈʰ to protect, to run away
844 मुर् mur mur to surround, to bind together
845 मुर्छ् murchh murt͡ʃʰ to faint, to increase, to grow, to become strong, to take effect on
846 मुर्व् murv murv to bind
847 मुष् mush muʂ to destroy, to break, to steal
to steal, to carry off
to excel
to cover
to captivate
848 मूष् mush muːʂ to steal, to rob
849 मुस्त् must must to collect
850 मुट् mut muʈ to crush, to grind, to break
to blame, to crush, to bind
to crush, to grind, to break
851 मूत्र् mutr muːtr to discharge urine
852 नभ् nabh nəb̤ to destroy, to perish
to kill
to kill
853 नद् nad nəd to speak, to shine
854 नह् nah nəɦ to tie, to arm or to put on oneself
855 नख् nakh nəkʰ to go
856 नक्क् nakk nəkk to perish
857 नक्ष् naksh nəkʂ to go
858 नल् nal nəl to smell
to bind
859 नम् nam nəm to salute
to sink
to bend
860 नन्द् nand nənd to be glad or satisfied
861 नंख् nankh nəŋkʰ to go
862 नर्द् nard nərd to sound, to roar
863 नस् nas nəs to be crooked
864 नास् nas naːs to sound
865 नश् nash nəʃ to disappear, to perish, to run away, to be unsucessful
866 नट् nat nəʈ to dance
to act
to sound
to roar
to thunder
to speak
867 नाथ् nath naːtʰ to ask
to harass
to be master
to bless
868 नय् nay nəj to go
869 नेद् ned ned to censure
to be near
870 नेष् nesh neʂ to go
871 न्ही nhi nɦiː to blush, to be ashamed
872 नी ni niː to lead
to carry
to bring
to pass, to spend
to trace
873 निद् nid nid to ridicule, to reach
874 निज् nij nid͡ʒ to wash
to wash, to purify, to nourish
875 निक्ष् niksh nikʂ to kiss
876 निल् nil nil to understand with difficulty
to become thick
877 नील् nil niːl to be of a dark colour
to dye dark
878 निन्द् nind nind to blame
to censure
to condemn
879 निंस् nins nins to kiss
880 निन्व् ninv ninv to sprinkle
to attend
881 निश् nish niʃ to meditate upon
882 निष् nish niʂ to sprinkle, to moisten
883 निष्क् nishk niʂk to measure, to weigh
884 नीव् niv niːv to become fat
885 निवास् nivas nivaːs to cover
886 नृ nri nr̩ to carry
to lead
887 नृत् nrit nr̩t to dance, to jesticulate
888 णु nu ɳu to sound
889 नु nu nu to praise
890 नू nu nuː to praise
891 नुद् nud nud to throw
to throw
to push
to urge on
to drive
to remove
to direct
892 ओख् okh okʰ to be dry
to be able or sufficient
to adorn
to refuse
to prevent
893 ओलज् olaj old͡ʒ to throw up
894 ओलण्ड् oland olɳɖ to throw
to throw up
895 ओण् on oɳ to remove
to drag along
896 पा pa paː to drink, to feast on, to swallow up
to protect
to fgovern
to preserve
897 पच् pach pət͡ʃ to cook
to bake, to burn
to digest, to ripen, to develop
to make clear
to spread, to make clear
898 पद् pad pəd to go, to attain, to observe
to go, to move
899 पै pai pæː to dry, to wither
900 पैण् pain pæːɳ to go, to send, to touch, to embrace
901 पक्ष् paksh pəkʂ to seize, to accept, to take aside
to seize
to accept, to take aside
902 पल् pal pəl to go
903 पाल् pal paːl to protect, to govern
904 पण् pan pəɳ to praise
to transact business, to deal in, to barter, to bet, to stake
905 पण्ड् pand pəɳɖ to destroy, to collect
to go
906 पन्त् pant pənt to thunder, to go
907 पन्थ् panth pəntʰ to go
908 पप् pap pəp to go
909 पार् par paːr to bring to a conclusion, to accomplish
910 पर्द् pard pərd to break wind
911 पर्ण् parn pərɳ to make green
912 पर्व् parv pərv to fill
913 पस् pas pəs to destroy
914 पश् pash pəʃ to bind, to fetter
915 पष् pash pəʂ to go, to move
916 पट् pat pəʈ to go
to speak, to cover
to string, to envelop, to clothe
917 पत् pat pət to be master of, to rule, to possess, to be fit for
to fall, to fly, to alight, to sink, to be degraded, to attack
918 पठ् path pəʈʰ to declare, to mention, to cite, to study, to read, to recite
919 पथ् path pətʰ to throw
920 पय् pay pəj to go
921 पेल् pel pel to go
922 पेस् pes pes to go
923 पेष् pesh peʂ to resolve upon, to strive diligently for
924 पेव् pev pev to serve
925 फक्क् phakk pʰəkk to behave ill, to go softly
926 फल् phal pʰəl to bear fruit, to result, to succeed, to be useful or fruitful
to burst open, to split
927 फण् phan pʰəɳ to go, to produce easily
928 फेल् phel pʰel to go
929 पि pi pi to go
930 पी pi piː to drink
931 पिच्छ् pichchh pit͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to split, to cut, to divide
932 पीड् pid piːɖ to afflict, to harass, to annoy, to squeeze, to press, to oppose, to give pain
933 पिज् pij pid͡ʒ to kill, to be strong, to take, to dwell
to speak, to shine
to tinge
to colour
to join
to divide
to speak inarticulately
934 पील् pil piːl to check
to impede
to obstruct
935 पिण्ड् pind piɳɖ to roll into a lump, to heap
to roll into a lump, to heap
to unite
936 पिंस् pins pins to speak, to shine
937 पिन्व् pinv pinv to sprinkle, to serve
938 पिस् pis pis to go
to go
939 पिश् pish piʃ to form
to be reduced to constituent part
to light
940 पिष् pish piʂ to grind, to pound, to crush
941 पिट् pit piʈ to injure
to kill
to feel pain
to sound
to assemble
to heap together
942 पीव् piv piːv to be fat or thick
943 प्लक्ष् plaksh pləkʂ to eat
944 प्ली pli pliː to go
945 प्लिह् plih pliɦ to go
946 प्लु plu plu to go, to jump, to fly, to float, to swim
947 प्लुष् plush pluʂ to burn, to scorch
948 प्ल्यूल् plyul pljuːl to cut, to wash in water impregnated with alkaline salt
949 प्रा pra praː to fill
950 प्रच्छ् prachchh prət͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to ask
to seek
to desire
to know
951 प्रस् pras prəs to extend, to expand
952 प्रथ् prath prətʰ to become famous, to increase, to spread abroad, to arise, to appear
to proclaim, to manifest, to increase, to throw, to publish
953 प्रेङ्ख्Oल् prenkhol preŋkʰol to swing, to shake
954 प्रेष् presh preʂ to go
955 पृ pri pr̩ to be busy or active
to please
to protect, to fill, to gratify , to blow
to protect, to fill, to promote, to deliver
to protect, to fill
to protect, to nourish, to fill, to blow, to satisfy
956 प्री pri priː to please, to be satisfied, to feel affection for
to please, to delight, to show kindness to, to love, to desire, to take delight in
to please, to gratify
957 पृच् prich pr̩t͡ʃ to come in contact with
to touch
to hinder, to oppose, to join
to touch, to bring into contact with, to unite, to satiate, to increase
958 पृज् prij pr̩d͡ʒ to dye
959 पृष् prish pr̩ʂ to sprinkle, to hurt, to vex
960 पृथ् prith pr̩tʰ to go
to throw, to send, to direct
961 प्र्Oथ् proth protʰ to be equal to, to be a match for, to be complete
962 प्रु pru pru to go, to jump
963 प्रुष् prush pruʂ to burn, to reduce to ashes
to become wet, to sprinkle
964 प्रुट् prut pruʈ to rub
965 प्सा psa psaː to devour
to eat
966 पू pu puː to purify or clean from chaff
to purify
to discern
to contrive
967 पुड् pud puɖ to gladden
to grind
968 पुह् puh puɦ to quit
to dismiss
969 पूज् puj puːd͡ʒ to worship, to honour
970 पुल् pul pul to be great or large
to be great or large
to be lofty or high, to be heaped up
to heap, to be great or large
971 पूल् pul puːl to collect, to gather, to heap up, to assemble
972 पुण् pun puɳ to be pure or virtuous
to do a holy work
to collect
to please
to propitiate
973 पुण्ड् pund puɳɖ to grind, to pound
974 पुंस् puns puns to increase, to crash, to pain, to punish
975 पुण्ट् punt puɳʈ to speak, to shine
976 पुन्थ् punth puntʰ to kill, to suffer pain
977 पुर् pur pur to precede
to lead
978 पूर् pur puːr to fill, to satisfy, to be full, to be satisfied
to kill, to cover, to intensify
979 पूर्ण् purn puːrɳ to collect
980 पुर्व् purv purv to dwell, to invite
to fill
981 पुष् push puʂ to maintain, to promote
to nourish, to bring up
to develop, to support, to augment
to show
to have
to nourish, to develop, to support
to enhance, to get
to nourish, to support, to develop, to increase, to possess
982 पूष् push puːʂ to nourish, to increase, to grow
983 पुष्प् pushp puʂp to blow, to flower
984 पुस्त् pust pust to honour, to dishonour, to respect, to disrespect
985 पुट् put puʈ to be in contact, to bind together
to embrace
to intertwine
to speak, to shine
986 पुथ् puth putʰ to kill
987 पुट्ट् putt puʈʈ to decrease, to diminish
988 पूय् puy puːj to split, to stink
989 प्यै pyai pjæː to grow
990 प्याय् pyay pjaːj to grow, to increase, to swell
991 रा ra raː to give
to grant
992 रभ् rabh rəb̤ to begin, to desire, to act rashly
993 रच् rach rət͡ʃ to arrange, to compose, to effect
994 रद् rad rəd to split, to scratch
995 रध् radh rəd̤ to kill, to injure, to cook, to finish
996 राध् radh raːd̤ to accomplish
to kill
to propitiate
to grow, to be ready, to be favourable, to look to the welfare of
997 रग् rag rəɡ to doubt
998 राघ्र raghra raːɡ̤rə to be able
999 रह् rah rəɦ to abandon, to quit
1000 रै rai ræː to sound
1001 रज् raj rəd͡ʒ to be coloured, to redden, to dye, to be attached to, to be excited, to be pleased with
to please
1002 राज् raj raːd͡ʒ to shine, to glitter, to appear like
1003 रक् rak rək ragh to taste, to obtain
1004 रख् rakh rəkʰ to go
1005 राख् rakh raːkʰ to dry, to adorn, to be able
1006 रक्ष् raksh rəkʂ to protect, to watch, to take care of
1007 रम् ram rəm to sport, to rest, to be pleased, to rejoice at, to have sexual intercourse with
1008 रम्ब् ramb rəmb to sound
1009 रम्फ् ramph rəmpʰ to go, to kill
1010 रण् ran rəɳ to go
to sound, to ring, to jingle
1011 रङ्घ् rangh rəŋɡ̤ to go, to hasten
to speak, to shine
1012 रंह् ranh rənɦ to go, to move
to speak, to shine
1013 रङ्ख् rankh rəŋkʰ to go, to move
1014 रण्व ranva rəɳvə to go
1015 रप् rap rəp to talk, to speak
1016 रफ् raph rəpʰ to kill, to go
1017 रस् ras rəs to roar, to cry, to make noise, to praise
to taste, to relish, to love
1018 रश् rash rəʃ to sound
1019 राश् rash raːʃ to sound
1020 रट् rat rəʈ to roar, to yell, to proclaim aloud, to shout
1021 रय् ray rəj to go, to move
1022 रेभ् rebh reb̤ to speak
1023 रेच् rech ret͡ʃ to separate, to join, to mix
1024 रेघ् regh reɡ̤ to utter an inarticulate sound, to neigh, to roar
1025 रेक् rek rek to doubt
1026 रेप् rep rep to go, to move
1027 रेट् ret reʈ to speak, to ask, to request
1028 रेव् rev rev to leap, to go, to move
1029 ऋ ri r̩ to kill
to go
to go
to go
to acquire
1030 रि ri ri to go, to move
to kill
1031 री ri riː to go
to move
to howl
to ooze, to flow
1032 ऋच् rich r̩t͡ʃ to praise
1033 रिच् rich rit͡ʃ to purge, to empty, to evacuate
to separate, to divide, to join
1034 ऋच्छ् richchh r̩t͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to go
to fail in faculties, to become hard or congeal
1035 ऋध् ridh r̩d̤ to increase, to prosper, to please
to increase, to prosper
1036 ऋज् rij r̩d͡ʒ to fry
to go
to stand
to gain
to acquire
to be healthy
1037 रिख् rikh rikʰ to go, to move
1038 ऋक्षि rikshi r̩kʂi to kill
1039 ऋण् rin r̩ɳ to go
1040 रिङ्ख् rinkh riŋkʰ to go, to move
1041 रिण्व् rinv riɳv to go, to move
1042 रिफ् riph ripʰ to boast, to speak, to fight, to censure, to kill, to give
1043 ऋफ् riph r̩pʰ to kill
1044 रिश् rish riʃ to kill
1045 रिष् rish riʂ to kill, to destroy
to kill, to destroy, to injure
1046 ऋश् rish r̩ʃ to kill
to go
1047 ऋष् rish r̩ʂ to be proud
1048 ऋत् rit r̩t to reproach, to pity, to go, to rival
to have power
1049 र्Oड् rod roɖ to despise, to be mad
1050 रु ru ru to cry
to roar
to shout
to sound
to go, to kill
1051 रुच् ruch rut͡ʃ to shine, to please, to like, to appear good
1052 रुद् rud rud to shed tears
to cry
to weep
to lament
1053 रुध् rudh rud̤ to desire, to love, to comply with, to obey
to oppose, to obstruct, to besiege, to enclose, to obscure, to harass
1054 रुह् ruh ruɦ to grow from seed, to become manifest, to grow, to rise, to ascend
1055 रुज् ruj rud͡ʒ to break, to destroy
to bend, to pain, to injure
to kill
1056 रूक्ष् ruksh ruːkʂ to be harsh or rough
to make dry
1057 रुण्ड् rund ruɳɖ to steal
1058 रुंश् runsh runʃ to speak, to shine
1059 रुण्ट् runt ruɳʈ to steal, to rob
1060 रुण्ठ् runth ruɳʈʰ to steal
to be lame, to go
1061 रुप् rup rup to violate, to confound, to disturb
1062 रूप् rup ruːp to form, to represent on the stage, to see, to consider
1063 रुश् rush ruʃ to kill
1064 रुष् rush ruʂ to be angry
to kill
to kill
1065 रूष् rush ruːʂ to decorate, to smear, to cover
1066 रुट् rut ruʈ to be angry
to strike down, to fell
to strike, to oppose
1067 रुठ् ruth ruʈʰ to speak, to shine
1068 सभाज् sabhaj səb̤aːd͡ʒ to please, to serve, to salute, to honour
1069 सच् sach sət͡ʃ to sprinkle, to serve
1070 सद् sad səd to divide, to break, to go, to wither, to despond, to be weary
to divide, to break, to go, to wither, to despond, to be weary
to go, to approach
1071 साध् sadh saːd̤ to accomplish
1072 सग् sag səɡ to cover
1073 सघ् sagh səɡ̤ to kill
1074 सह् sah səɦ to forbear, to be able
to satisfy, to be plesed
to suffer, to forbear, to be patient, to wait, to be able to resist, to conquer, to stop
1075 सै sai sæː to waste away, to decline
1076 सज् saj səd͡ʒ to cling to, to fasten, to embrace
1077 सल् sal səl to go, to move
1078 सम् sam səm to be composed
to change form
1079 साम् sam saːm to conciliate, to console
1080 सम्ब् samb səmb to collect
to go, to creep
1081 साम्ब् samb saːmb to collect
1082 सन् san sən to dive
to give, to honour, to obtain, to worship
1083 सङ्ग्राम् sangram səŋɡraːm to fight
1084 सङ्केत् sanket səŋket to invite, to counsel
1085 संस्त् sanst sənst to sleep
1086 सान्त्व् santv saːntv to appease, to console
1087 सप् sap səp to connect
1088 सार् sar saːr to be weak
1089 सर्ब् sarb sərb to go, to move
1090 सर्व् sarv sərv to go, to kill
1091 सस् sas səs to sleep
1092 सस्ज् sasj səsd͡ʒ to go, to become ready
1093 सट् sat səʈ to be a part or portion
1094 सत्र् satr sətr to extend, to spread
1095 सट्ट् satt səʈʈ to hurt, to kill
1096 सेच् sech set͡ʃ to be associated with
1097 सेक् sek sek to go, to move
1098 सेल् sel sel to go, to move
1099 सेव् sev sev to serve, to honour, to follow, to use, to enjoy, to cultivate, to practise, to devote oneself to, to inhabit, to frequent, to guard, to protect
1100 शब्द् shabd ʃəbd to make manifest , to make any sound, to utter
1101 शच् shach ʃət͡ʃ to speak, to say, to tell
1102 शड् shad ʃəɖ to hurt, to cause disease, to collect
1103 शद् shad ʃəd to perish gradually
to perish, to fall, to wither, to decay
1104 शाड् shad ʃaːɖ to praise
1105 शै shai ʃæː to cook
1106 शक् shak ʃək to be able
to be powerful
to bear
to endure, to be able
1107 शाख् shakh ʃaːkʰ to pervade
1108 शल् shal ʃəl to go, to move
to shake, to cover
1109 शाल् shal ʃaːl to praise, to shine, to be endowed with, to tell
1110 शल्भ् shalbh ʃəlb̤ to praise, to boast
1111 शम् sham ʃəm to be calm
to look at, to inspect, to show
1112 शम्ब् shamb ʃəmb to accumulate
1113 शण् shan ʃəɳ to give, to go
1114 शान् shan ʃaːn to whet
1115 शङ्क् shank ʃəŋk to fear, to doubt, to suspect
1116 शंस् shans ʃəns to praise, to be in distres, to tell, to indicate
to wish, to expect, to bless
1117 शप् shap ʃəp to curse, to imprecate, to swear
to curse, to swear
1118 शर्ब् sharb ʃərb to go, to move
to kill
1119 शस् shas ʃəs to kill
1120 शास् shas ʃaːs to desire, to seek, to bless, to praise
to teach, to inform, to rule, to command, to punish, to advise
1121 शश् shash ʃəʃ to jump, to dance
1122 शष् shash ʃəʂ to kill
1123 शट् shat ʃəʈ to be sick, to divide, to pierce, to go, to be weary
1124 शठ् shath ʃəʈʰ to cheat, to defraud
to leave unfinished
to speak ill or well
1125 शौट् shaut ʃɔːʈ to be proud
1126 शव् shav ʃəv to go, to move
1127 श्चुत् shchut ʃt͡ʃut to ooze, to diffuse
1128 शेल् shel ʃel to go, to move
1129 शेव् shev ʃev to worship, to serve
1130 शि shi ʃi to whet
to excite
1131 शी shi ʃiː to sleep, to lie down
1132 शीभ् shibh ʃiːb̤ to boast
1133 शिघ् shigh ʃiɡ̤ to smell
1134 शिज् shij ʃid͡ʒ to tinkle, to rattle, to whisper
1135 शीक् shik ʃiːk to be angry, to touch
to speak, to shine, to be angry, to touch
1136 शिख् shikh ʃikʰ to go, to move
1137 शिक्ष् shiksh ʃikʂ to learn, to practise
1138 शिल् shil ʃil to glean
1139 शील् shil ʃiːl to meditate, to intend
to practise repeatedly, to exercise, to visit, to honour
1140 शिष् shish ʃiʂ to distinguish, to leave as a remainder
to kill, to leave as a remainder
to leave a residue
1141 शिट् shit ʃiʈ to disregard
1142 श्लाघ् shlagh ʃlaːɡ̤ to praise, to flatter, to boast
1143 श्लाख् shlakh ʃlaːkʰ to pervade, to penetrate
1144 श्लङ्क् shlank ʃləŋk to go, to move
1145 श्लथ् shlath ʃlətʰ to hurt
1146 श्लिष् shlish ʃliʂ to burn
to embrace, to collect
1147 श्लीष् shlish ʃliːʂ to embrace, to adhere to, to unite
1148 श्ल्Oक् shlok ʃlok to heap together, to collect, to versify
1149 श्ल्Oण् shlon ʃloɳ to collect
1150 श्मील् shmil ʃmiːl to wink
1151 श्O sho ʃo to whet, to make thin
1152 श्Oण् shon ʃoɳ to be red, to go
1153 श्रा shra ʃraː to cook, to boil
1154 श्रै shrai ʃræː to cook
1155 श्रम् shram ʃrəm to perform acts of penance, to be fatigued
1156 श्रम्भ् shrambh ʃrəmb̤ to be careless, to err
1157 श्रण् shran ʃrəɳ to give
to give
1158 श्रङ्क shranka ʃrəŋkə to go, to move
1159 श्रन्थ् shranth ʃrəntʰ to arrange
to loosen
to loosen, to liberate, to gladden, to bind
to arrange
1160 श्रथ् shrath ʃrətʰ to be weak
to kill
to liberate, to kill
to make effort, to set out
1161 शृ shri ʃr̩ to tear asunder, to split in pieces, to hurt, to kill
1162 श्रि shri ʃri to serve, to depend upon
1163 श्री shri ʃriː to cook, to dress
1164 शृध् shridh ʃr̩d̤ to break wind
to insult, to mock at
to moisten, to wet, to cut off
1165 श्रिस् shris ʃris to burn
1166 शृष् shrish ʃr̩ʂ to bring forth
1167 श्र्Oण् shron ʃroɳ to heap together, to collect
1168 श्रु shru ʃru to go, to move
1169 ष्ठिव् shthiv ʂʈʰiv spit
1170 शुभ् shubh ʃub̤ to shine
to speak, to shine, to kill
to shine, to look beautiful
1171 शुच् shuch ʃut͡ʃ to be wet, to be clean
to regret, to grive for, to bewail
1172 शुच्य shuchya ʃut͡ʃjə to perform ablution, to squeeze out juice, to distil
1173 शुध् shudh ʃud̤ to become pure, to be made clear
1174 शूल् shul ʃuːl to be ill, to collect
1175 शुल्क् shulk ʃulk to leave, to forsake, to pay, to give, to give, to gain
1176 शुन् shun ʃun to go
1177 शुन्ध् shundh ʃund̤ to purify
to purify, to make clean
1178 शुण्ठ् shunth ʃuɳʈʰ to dry, to become dry
1179 शूप् shup ʃuːp to measure
1180 शूर् shur ʃuːr to be powerful, to be valiant
to strike, to be firm
1181 शुष् shush ʃuʂ to become dry, to be withered
1182 शुट् shut ʃuʈ to resist, to go lame
1183 शुठ् shuth ʃuʈʰ to be lazy
1184 श्वभ् shvabh ʃvəb̤ to go, to move
1185 श्वल् shval ʃvəl to run
1186 श्वल्क् shvalk ʃvəlk to tell, to narrate
1187 श्वङ्क् shvank ʃvəŋk śvac to go
1188 श्वस् shvas ʃvəs to breath, to sigh, to hiss
1189 ष्वष्क् shvashk ʂvəʂk to go
1190 श्वठ् shvath ʃvəʈʰ śvaṅṭh to leave unfinished, to go
to speak ill or well
1191 श्वि shvi ʃvi to move, to increase, to grow, to swell
1192 श्विन्द् shvind ʃvind to be white
1193 श्वित् shvit ʃvit to be white
1194 श्यै shyai ʃjæː to go, to move, to wither
to dry up
1195 सि si si to tie
to tie, to bind
1196 सिभ् sibh sib̤ to kill
1197 सिच् sich sit͡ʃ to sprinkle, to moisten, to scatter
1198 सिध् sidh sid̤ to be accomplished, to succeed, to be thoroughly prepared
to go
to ordain, to instruct, to do an auspicious act, to turn out auspiciously, to ward off, to restrain, to interdict
1199 सीक् sik siːk to sprinkle
1200 सिल् sil sil to glean
1201 सिम्भ् simbh simb̤ to kill
1202 सिन्व् sinv sinv to sprinkle
1203 सिट् sit siʈ to disregard
1204 सिव् siv siv to sew, to sow
1205 स्कम्भ् skambh skəmb̤ to obstruct
to obstruct, to stop
1206 स्कन्द् skand skənd to go, to be dry
1207 स्खद् skhad skʰəd to destroy, to cut
1208 स्खल् skhal skʰəl to stumble, to totter, to deviate, to blunder, to err, to stammer, to drop
1209 स्कु sku sku to go by leaps, to cover, to raise
1210 स्कुम्भ् skumbh skumb̤ to hinder, to hold
1211 स्कुन्द् skund skund to jump, to raise, to lift
1212 स्मि smi smi to smile, to expand, to bloom
1213 स्मील smila smiːl to wink
1214 स्मिट् smit smiʈ to disrespect, to slight, to despise
1215 स्मृ smri smr̩ to remember
to recollect
to long for, to regret
to remember, to recollect, to think upon, to recite mentally, to record in a smriti
1216 स्ना sna snaː to bathe
1217 स्नै snai snæː to cover, to wrap, to adorn
1218 स्नस् snas snəs to reject, to eject
1219 स्निह् snih sniɦ to feel affection for, to love, to be kind to
to love, to account, to dissolve
1220 स्निव् sniv sniv to go, to dry
1221 स्नु snu snu to ooze
1222 स्नुह् snuh snuɦ to vomit
1223 स्नुस् snus snus to eat, to take, to disappear
1224 स्O so so to put an end to, to kill, to finish
1225 स्पर्ध् spardh spərd̤ to contend with, to vie with, to emulate, to challenge
1226 स्पश् spash spəʃ to obstruct, to touch, to perceive clearly, to undertake, to string together
to take, to embrace
1227 स्फर् sphar spʰər to tremble, to move
1228 स्फाय् sphay spʰaːj to grow fat, to increase, to expand
1229 स्फिट् sphit spʰiʈ to feel affection for
1230 स्फिट्ट् sphitt spʰiʈʈ to kill
1231 स्फुड् sphud spʰuɖ to cover
1232 स्फुल् sphul spʰul to tremble, to throb
1233 स्फुण्ट् sphunt spʰuɳʈ to laugh at, to joke
to open, to expand
1234 स्फुर् sphur spʰur to throb, to palpitate, to become agitated, to start, to appear clearly, to flash
1235 स्फुर्च्छ् sphurchchh spʰurt͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to spreak, to extend, to forget
1236 स्फूर्ज् sphurj spʰuːrd͡ʒ to thunder, to explode, to glitter, to burst
1237 स्फुट् sphut spʰuʈ to blow, to blossom, to break
to burst, to break open
to burst
to blossom
to blow
to split open
1238 स्पृ spri spr̩ to gratify, to defend, to shake
1239 स्पृह् sprih spr̩ɦ to wish, to envy
1240 स्पृश् sprish spr̩ʃ to touch, to cling to, to act upon
to affect, to accept, to reach, to wash
1241 स्रम्भ् srambh srəmb̤ to err
to entrust
1242 स्रङ्क् srank srəŋk to go, to move
1243 स्रंस् srans srəns to fall down, to drop, to slip off
to hang down
1244 स्रेक् srek srek to go, to move
1245 सृ sri sr̩ to go
to go, to move, to approach, to slip, to blow, to flow
to run
1246 सृभ् sribh sr̩b̤ to kill, to slay
1247 सृज् srij sr̩d͡ʒ to be abandoned, to drop
to leave, to create, to let loose, to let off, to throw, to produce, to put on
1248 सृप् srip sr̩p to go, to creep
1249 स्रु sru sru to go, to flow
1250 स्तभ् stabh stəb̤ to stop, to support
1251 स्तग् stag stəɡ cover
1252 स्तै stai stæː to cover, to adorn
1253 स्तक् stak stək to resist, to repel
1254 स्तक्ष् staksh stəkʂ to go, to move
1255 स्तम् stam stəm to be confused, not to be confused
1256 स्तम्भ् stambh stəmb̤ to stop, to hinder, to become stiff or naughty, to paralyze, to fix firmly
1257 स्तन् stan stən to sound, to thunder
to thunder
1258 स्तेन् sten sten to steal
1259 स्तेप् step step to ooze
1260 स्था stha stʰaː to stand, to stay, to be
1261 स्थग् sthag stʰəɡ to cover, to conceal
1262 स्थल् sthal stʰəl to stand firm
1263 स्थिघ् sthigh stʰiɡ̤ to ascend
to assail
1264 स्थुड् sthud stʰuɖ to cover, to hide
1265 स्थूल् sthul stʰuːl to become stout, to grow fat
1266 स्तिम् stim stim to become wet, to moist
1267 स्तिप् stip stip to ooze
1268 स्त्Oम् stom stom to praise
1269 स्तृ stri str̩ to cover, to spread
1270 स्तृह् strih str̩ɦ to kill, to hurt, to strike
1271 स्तु stu stu to cover
to praise, to glorify, to worship by hymns
1272 स्तुभ् stubh stub̤ to stop
1273 स्तुच् stuch stut͡ʃ to be pleased
1274 स्तुक्ष् stuksh stukʂ to go, to move
1275 स्तूप् stup stuːp to collect
to pile, to collect, to erect
1276 स्त्यै styai stjæː to sound, to collect into a heap, to spread about, to crowd
1277 सु su su to bring forth, to possess power or supremacy, to permit
to bring forth, to possess supremacy, to permit
to cause to bathe: to churn
to pour out
to bathe
to press out juice
to distil
1278 सू su suː to bring forth as a child
to bring forth as a child
to impel, to drive, to discharge, to remit
1279 सुभ् subh sub̤ to speak, to kill
to speak, to kill
1280 सूच् such suːt͡ʃ to betray, to reveal, to show, to ascertain
to try, to bind
1281 सूद् sud suːd to distil, to strike, to hurt, to destroy, to leak, to deposit
to strike, to wound, to distil, to deposit
1282 सुह् suh suɦ to be satisfied
1283 सुख् sukh sukʰ to make happy
1284 सुर् sur sur to rule, to shine
1285 सूर्क्ष् surksh suːrkʂ to respect
1286 सूर्क्ष्य surkshya suːrkʂjə to envy, to despise
1287 सुट्ट् sutt suʈʈ to disrespect
1288 स्वद् svad svəd to be pleasant to the taste, to be liked, to taste, to eat, to please
to make sweet
1289 स्वाद् svad svaːd to taste
to taste, to be pleasing
1290 स्वज् svaj svəd͡ʒ to embrace, to clasp, to encircle
1291 स्वन् svan svən to deck, to adorn
to sound, to sing
1292 स्वप् svap svəp to sleep, to lie down
1293 स्वर् svar svər to blame, to find fault with
1294 स्वर्द् svard svərd to taste, to be pleasing
1295 स्विद् svid svid to be greedy, to perspire, to be disturbed, to quit
to perspire
1296 स्वृ svri svr̩ to sound, to praise, to pain
1297 स्यम् syam sjəm to consider, to think
to sound, to shout
1298 स्यन्द् syand sjənd to ooze, to feel
to throb, to quiver
1299 तच् tach tət͡ʃ to contract, to shrink
to go
1300 तड् tad təɖ to strike, to beat, to play upon a musical instrument, to speak
1301 तक् tak tək to laugh at
to bear, to fly or rush upon
1302 तक्ष् taksh təkʂ to cut off
to make thin
to wound, to form
to eat
to pare, to cover
1303 टल् tal ʈəl to be confused
1304 तल् tal təl to be full or complete, to fix, to establish
1305 तम् tam təm to desire, to be fatigued
1306 तन् tan tən to confide in, to assist
to confide in, to assist
to pain with disease, to be harmless, to sound
to spread, to stretch, to do, to spin out
1307 तण्ड् tand təɳɖ to strike
1308 तन्द्र् tandr təndr to be exhausted, to be disturbed in mind
1309 तङ्ग् tang təŋɡ to go
to stumble
to tremble
1310 टङ्क् tank ʈəŋk to bind
to build
1311 तङ्क् tank təŋk to live in distress
1312 तंस् tans təns to adorn, to deck
to decorate
to shake, to pour out, to request
1313 तन्त्र् tantr təntr to support, to maintain, to govern
1314 तप् tap təp to be powerful, to injure, to perform penance
to heat, to burn, to afflict
to shine, to be hot
to make hot, to suffer pain, to injure or hurt, to undergo, to perform penance
1315 तर्द् tard tərd to injure, to hurt or kill
1316 तर्ज् tarj tərd͡ʒ to menace, to censure
to threaten, to terrify, to scold, to mock
1317 तर्क् tark tərk to shine, to intend, to suppose, to guess, to think of
1318 तस् tas təs to fade away, to become exhausted
1319 तट् tat təʈ to be raised, to rise, to groan
1320 टौक् tauk ʈɔːk to go
1321 तय् tay təj to go
1322 ताय् tay taːj to spread, to protect
1323 तेज् tej ted͡ʒ to protect
1324 तेप् tep tep to ooze, to shake
1325 तेव् tev tev to lament
to play
1326 थुढ् thudh tʰuɖ̤ to cover
1327 थुर्व् thurv tʰurv to injure, hurt or kill
1328 तिघ् tigh tiɡ̤ to kill, to challenge
1329 तिज् tij tid͡ʒ to endure or bear patiently
to whet
to whet, to sharpen
1330 टिक् tik ʈik to go
1331 टीक् tik ʈiːk to go, to resort to
1332 तिक् tik tik to assail, to go, to seek, to injure or kill, to challenge
to go or move
1333 तीक् tik tiːk to go
1334 तिल् til til to go
to oil, to be greasy
to oil
to anoint
1335 तिल्ल् till till to go
1336 तिम् tim tim to be wet, to be moist
1337 टिप् tip ʈip to throw, to send
1338 तिप् tip tip to drop, to ooze
1339 तीर् tir tiːr to finish, to get through
1340 तीव् tiv tiːv to be strong or fat or corpulent
1341 त्Oड् tod toɖ to disregard
1342 त्रै trai træː to protect
1343 त्रख् trakh trəkʰ to go
1344 त्रन्द् trand trənd to act
to try
to be busy or active
1345 त्रङ्क् trank trəŋk to go
1346 त्रङ्ख् trankh trəŋkʰ to go
1347 त्रंस् trans trəns to speak
to speak
to shine
1348 त्रप् trap trəp to be ashamed or abashed
to be embarrassed
1349 त्रस् tras trəs to fear, to tremble
to take, to hold, to oppose
1350 त्रौक् trauk trɔːk to go
1351 तृ tri tr̩ to swim, to cross over, to float, to surmount
to master completely, to fulfil, to escape from
1352 तृद् trid tr̩d to kill, to disregard
1353 तृह् trih tr̩ɦ to kill
to kill
1354 तृक्ष् triksh tr̩kʂ to go
1355 तृण् trin tr̩ɳ to eat, to graze
1356 त्रिंख् trinkh triŋkʰ to go
1357 तृप् trip tr̩p to be satisfied or pleased, to please or satisfy
to be satisfied, to light
to please or to be pleased
1358 तृष् trish tr̩ʂ to be thirsty, to wish
1359 त्रुप् trup trup trump, trumph to kill, injure or hurt
1360 त्रुट् trut truʈ to cut
to cut
to break
1361 त्सर् tsar tsər to creep
to crawl
to proceed crookedly or fraudulently
1362 तु tu tu to go, to grow, to kill
1363 तुभ् tubh tub̤ to injure, hurt or kill
to kill
to kill
1364 तुड् tud tuɖ to split, to push, to injure, to hurt
to tear, to kill
1365 तुद् tud tud to wound
to strike
to pain
to ved
1366 तूड् tud tuːɖ to split, to disregard
1367 तुड्ड् tudd tuɖɖ to disregard, to condemn
1368 तुह् tuh tuɦ to hurt, to kill, to pain
1369 तुज् tuj tud͡ʒ to hurt, injure or kill
to reach, to kill, to be strong, to take, to dwell, to protect to cloth, to strike, to push, to emit, to incite, to give
to strike, to be strong, to take, to live
1370 तुल् tul tul to weigh, to measure
1371 तूल् tul tuːl to weigh, to measure
1372 तुम्ब् tumb tumb to be invisible, to trouble
to distress, to hurt
1373 तुम्प् tump tump to injure, hurt or kill
1374 तुण् tun tuɳ to curve
to fill up
1375 तुण्ड् tund tuɳɖ to disregard, to condemn
1376 तुप् tup tup to injure, hurt or kill
1377 तुफ् tuph tupʰ to injure, hurt or kill
1378 तुप्तुम्प् tuptump tuptump to kill
to please or to be pleased
1379 तुर् tur tur to make haste
to be quickly, to make haste, to hurt or kill
1380 तुर्व् turv turv to kill
1381 तुस् tus tus to sound
1382 तुष् tush tuʂ to be pleased or delighted
1383 तूष् tush tuːʂ to satisfy or to be satisfied
1384 तुट् tut tuʈ to quarrel
to cut
1385 तुत्थ् tutth tuttʰ to cover
1386 त्वच् tvach tvət͡ʃ to cover
to go
1387 त्वक्ष् tvaksh tvəkʂ to make thin
1388 ट्वल् tval ʈvəl to be confused
1389 त्वङ्ग् tvang tvəŋɡ to go
to tremble
1390 त्विष् tvish tviʂ to shine
to glitter
1391 त्यज् tyaj tjəd͡ʒ to abandon, to leave, to quit, to let go, to renounce, to except, to distribute, to disregard
1392 उ u u to utter a voice
to sound
1393 उभ् ubh ub̤ to fill with
1394 उब्ज् ubj ubd͡ʒ to make straight
1395 उच् uch ut͡ʃ to be gathered together
1396 उच्छ् uchchh ut͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to dwell abroad
to retire
1397 उछ् uchh ut͡ʃʰ to glean
to glean
1398 उध्रस् udhras ud̤rəs to glean
to glean
1399 उह् uh uɦ to hurt or kill
1400 ऊह् uh uːɦ to conjecture, to infer, to guess
to note
to expect
to reason
1401 उज्झ् ujjh ud͡ʒd͡ʒ̤ to abandon
to leave
1402 उख् ukh ukʰ to go
1403 उक्ष् uksh ukʂ to sprinkle
to wet
1404 उलण्ड् uland ulɳɖ to throw up
1405 ऊन् un uːn to lessen, to deduct
1406 उन्द् und und to moisten
1407 उङ्ख् unkh uŋkʰ to go
1408 उर्द् urd urd to measure, to play
to taste
to grant
to be cheerful
1409 ऊर्ज् urj uːrd͡ʒ to be strong, to live
1410 ऊर्णु urnu uːrɳu to cover
1411 उर्व् urv urv to kill or hurt
1412 उष् ush uʂ to burn
1413 ऊष् ush uːʂ to be ill
1414 उठ् uth uʈʰ to knock down
1415 ऊठ् uth uːʈʰ to knock down
1416 ऊय् uy uːj to weave
to sew
1417 वा va vaː to go
to blow
to hurt
to injure
to kill
to move
1418 वभ् vabh vəb̤ to go
to move
1419 वच् vach vət͡ʃ to deceive
to go
to speak, to tell, to read
to speak
to read
to name
to call
to announce
1420 वाछ् vachh vaːt͡ʃʰ to desire
to wish
1421 वद् vad vəd to inform, to communicate
to speak
to tell
to describe
to utter
1422 वह् vah vəɦ to bear, to carry
to flow
to marry
to propel
1423 वाह् vah vaːɦ to endeavour
1424 वै vai væː to be dry, to be languid
1425 वज् vaj vəd͡ʒ to go
to move
to prepare the way, to feather an arrow
1426 वख् vakh vəkʰ to go
to move
1427 वक्ष् vaksh vəkʂ to be angry
to collect
1428 वल् val vəl to cover
to move
to cover
to move
1429 वल्भ् valbh vəlb̤ to eat
to devour
1430 वल्ग् valg vəlɡ to go
to move
to jump
to gallop
to be pleased
1431 वल्ह् valh vəlɦ to speak, to kill or hurt
to give
1432 वल्क् valk vəlk to speak
1433 वल्ल् vall vəll to be covered
to go
to move
1434 वम् vam vəm to vomit, to drop
to emit
to give out
to reject
1435 वण् van vəɳ to sound
1436 वन् van vən to act
to beg, to request, to seek
to sound
to honour
to aid
1437 वङ्घ् vangh vəŋɡ̤ to go
to blame
1438 वङ्क् vank vəŋk to be crooked
to go
1439 वङ्ख् vankh vəŋkʰ to go
to move
1440 वाङ्क्ष् vanksh vaːŋkʂ to wish
to desire
1441 वण्ट् vant vəɳʈ to salute respectfully
to praise
to divide
to divide
1442 वप् vap vəp to sow
to plant
to procreate
to weave
to shave
to shear
1443 वर् var vər to wish, to obtain, to desire
1444 वर्च् varch vərt͡ʃ to shine
1445 वर्ध् vardh vərd̤ to cut, to fill
1446 वर्ह् varh vərɦ to speak
to kill
to kill or hurt
to give
1447 वर्ण् varn vərɳ to paint, to delineate, to extend, to praise, to describe, to drive
1448 वर्ष् varsh vərʂ to melt
to love
1449 वस् vas vəs to dwell
to dwell
to live
to fix, to be straight
to love, to cut, to take away
to wear, to dress
1450 वास् vas vaːs to perfume, to incense
1451 वश् vash vəʃ to wish
to long for
1452 वष् vash vəʂ to hurt
to kill
to injure
1453 वाश् vash vaːʃ to howl, to growl, to roar
1454 वस्क् vask vəsk to go
to move
1455 वस्त् vast vəst to hurt, to torment, to go, to ask
1456 वट् vat vəʈ to cover
to surround
to speak
to tie, to string, to connect, to divide
1457 वात् vat vaːt to make happy, to serve
to fan
1458 वठ् vath vəʈʰ to become fat
to go alone
to tie
1459 वावृत् vavrit vaːvr̩t to choose
1460 वय् vay vəj to go
to move
1461 वे ve ve to weave, to sew, to compose
1462 वेह् veh veɦ to endeavour
1463 वेल् vel vel to count the time
to go, to move
to shake
to tremble
1464 वेण् ven veɳ to go, to know, to consider, to play on an instrument, to take
1465 वेप् vep vep to tremble, to shake
1466 वेष्ट् vesht veʂʈ to surround, to dress
1467 वेथ् veth vetʰ to beg, to ask
1468 वेवी vevi veviː to go, to pervade, to be born, to impregnate, to desire, to throw, to eat
1469 वी vi viː to go
to pervade
to be born
to be impregnate
to desire
to throw
to eat
to conceive
1470 विच् vich vit͡ʃ to divide, to separate, to discern, to remove from
1471 विच्छ् vichchh vit͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to go, to move
to speak, to shine
1472 विद् vid vid to be, to exist
to discuss, to reason upon, to consider, to understand
to feel, to experience, to tell, to dwell
to get, to obtain, to find, to take in marriage
to know
to learn
to find out
to consider
1473 विडम्ब् vidamb viɖmb to mock, to imitate, to ridicule
1474 विध् vidh vid̤ to pierce
1475 विज् vij vid͡ʒ to fear, to tremble
to fear, to tremble, to be disgusted
to separate, to divide, to distinguish, to discern
1476 वीज् vij viːd͡ʒ to fan
1477 विल् vil vil to cover, to conceal
to throw, to cast
1478 वीर् vir viːr to display heroism, to be powerful
1479 विस् vis vis to send
1480 विश् vish viʃ to enter
1481 विष् vish viʂ to pervade
to separate
to disjoin
to sprinkle
1482 विष्क् vishk viʂk to see, to perceive
1483 विट् vit viʈ to curse
to sound
1484 विथ् vith vitʰ to beg
to ask
1485 व्ली vli vliː to choose, to select, to hold, to go
1486 व्रज् vraj vrəd͡ʒ to clear the way, to go
to go
1487 व्रण् vran vrəɳ to sound
to wound, to hurt
1488 व्रश्च् vrashch vrəʃt͡ʃ to cut, to tear, to wound
1489 वृ vri vr̩ to choose
to select
to choose
to solicit
to cover
to surround
to restrain
to cover, to conceal
to cover
to conceal
to serve
to worship
1490 व्री vri vriː to choose
to choose, to select, to hold, to go
1491 वृच् vrich vr̩t͡ʃ to abandon, to exclude
1492 व्रीड् vrid vriːɖ to throw, to be ashamed
1493 वृध् vridh vr̩d̤ to incrase, to grow, to continue, to become joyful
1494 वृह् vrih vr̩ɦ to work, to labour
1495 वृज् vrij vr̩d͡ʒ to avoid
to avoid
to avoid
to avoid, to abandon
1496 वृक् vrik vr̩k to accept
to seize
1497 वृक्ष् vriksh vr̩kʂ to cover
1498 वृण् vrin vr̩ɳ to please, to gratify
1499 वृंह् vrinh vr̩nɦ to speak, to shine
1500 वृश् vrish vr̩ʃ to choose, to like
1501 वृष् vrish vr̩ʂ to have the power of production
to rain, to sprinkle, to kill, to afflict, to give pain
1502 वृत् vrit vr̩t to be
to happen
to be presen
to act
to tend to
to choose, to like
to speak, to shine
1503 व्रुड् vrud vruɖ to cover, to heap
1504 वुङ्ग् vung vuŋɡ to abandon, to leave
1505 वुण्ट् vunt vuɳʈ vuṣ to kill
1506 वुस् vus vus to divide
1507 व्यच् vyach vjət͡ʃ to deceive, to defraud
1508 व्यध् vyadh vjəd̤ to strike, to hurt, to stab, to pierce
1509 व्यथ् vyath vjətʰ to be vexed, to fear, to become dry
1510 व्यय् vyay vjəj to expend
to go, to move
1511 व्ये vye vje to cover, to veil
1512 व्युष् vyush vjuʂ to divide, to burn
1513 या ya jaː to go
to attend to
to go or pass away
to attempt
to perceive
1514 यभ् yabh jəb̤ to cohabit
1515 याच् yach jaːt͡ʃ to beg, to ask, to solicit
1516 यज् yaj jəd͡ʒ to make an oblation to a deity, to associate with, to sacrifice, to worship, to give
1517 यक्ष् yaksh jəkʂ to honour
1518 यम् yam jəm to check, to stop
to cover, to surround
1519 यन्त्र् yantr jəntr to restrain, to bind
1520 यस् yas jəs to endeavour
to strive, to endeavour, to labour
1521 यत् yat jət to strive after, to be watchful
to torture, to encourage
1522 यौट् yaut jɔːʈ to bind
1523 येष् yesh jeʂ to try, to attempt
1524 यु yu ju to bind
to censure, to despise
to mix
to join
to separate
1525 युच्छ् yuchchh jut͡ʃt͡ʃʰ to err, to be negligent
1526 युध् yudh jud̤ to fight, to contend with
1527 युज् yuj jud͡ʒ to bind, to restrain
to join, to unite, to apply, to use, to meditate, to concentrate the mind, to prepare, to grant, to intend
to meditate, to curb one’s mind, to concentrate the mind
to unite, to bind, to yoke
1528 युङ्ग् yung juŋɡ to abandon, to desert
1529 युप् yup jup to confuse
1530 युष् yush juʂ to injure, hurt or kill
to serve
1531 युत् yut jut to shine

Credits: Gurudev


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