Book Review – Notes to Self by Emilie Pine

Notes to SelfNotes to Self by Emilie Pine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the best confessions that I’ve read, it needs real courage to expose yourself so honestly to the world. The writing is lucid and readers just flow in the tide of a turbulent early life but which was then put on course by the sheer willpower of the protagonist. The book highlights particularly feminine challenges of growing up, changes in female body and also difficulties in attaining motherhood with added pressures of maintaining a worthwhile career. Emilie Pine tells a vivid detail the choices a female has to make in order to be loved, in order to not to feel worthless and most importantly just to be taken as seriously. The book also exposes the challenges Western societies are facing in keeping the family unit together and raising their younger generation properly. Something need to change urgently in Western states to make the young people feel loved and not so lonely that they end up feeling worthless like young Emilie. She was lucky to correct the course of her life but there are millions like her who’re not that lucky and end up in the cess pool of drugs and abuse. All young adults should read this confession to avoid the pitfalls of loneliness
of modern life and respect the opportunities available to them.

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