Book Review – Zero Road by Nasira Sharma


Zero RoadZero Road by Nasira Sharma
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zero road is the latest novel from the popular Hindi novelist Nasira Sharma. Its story starts from a backward and static mohalla Chak in Allahabad (now PrayagRaj) and takes us to the glittering city of Dubai. This is the desert city where immigrants from more than 100 countries gather to earn their living. In fact they have not come on their own but most of them have been uprooted and pushed from their bomb ridden cities. These are orphaned people who have reached Dubai in search of their dreams and are in search for a motive to live again. What’s amazing is that the people who have made Dubai a paradise on earth have their own lives stranded in a void. Whatever is making them breath, their unique life situations, the truth is that both the oppressor and the oppressed find themselves standing at the crossroads in Dubai. On the map of world, people from different countries, speaking diverse languages, professing their discreet faiths are experiencing one feeling and that is the feeling of acute pain. And to capture the essence off that horrendous pain is this effort from Nasira Sharma in the novel Zero Road.

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