Book Review – Trinity by Leon Uris


TrinityTrinityLeon Uris
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Trinity has as big a canvas as Exodus, another recounted tale from the same author about the misery and glorious fightback of Jews. Arguably exodus forced on the Irish was not as brutal, but certainly its impact was as big on the world’s landscape as the one in ancient times. If you wish to understand the indomitable Irish spirit and learn more about the the history of this small & beautiful Green Isle, then this is ‘THE’ book for you. I call Ireland my second home since last two decades and have read my fair share of books on Irish history and its people but none captures its spirit as succinctly as this epic tale of Larkin family. The author takes us through the lives and travails of three generations of an oppresed but proud Irish family who in the face of most inhumane torture of the soul by British empire, refuses to bow down and play their own small part in hammering the final nail in the coffin of British imperialism. Irish were the first of the enslaved nations to revolt against the might of Union Jack and made the British bleed from the nose, hurting their pride and finally forced off the yolk of the slavery regardless of all the dirty tricks in the rotten bag of British Empire. Irish set the example for countries like my home nation of India and gave them hope that stranglehold of a seemingly indestructible Empire can be broken. The post colonial world is indebted to Irish for their fight back against the might of imperialism and providing an opportunity to all of us to breathe freely in the increasingly democratic and meritocratic world. The book is pertinent in today’s fractured world which is facing the challenges of extremism which is causing physical and mental strife all over the world by showcasing the impact of Orange order extremism on the gentle Irish soul. It also quite subtly shows that foolish notions of loyalty and nationhood always end up bringing misery to all. Irrespective of our circumstances of birth causing us to be born in certain locales or under different faiths, we all are part of same humanity and need to learn to respect & help each other and ensure that none is left behind. Oppression by one group of people upon other should not be acceptable in this new glorious age in spite of the rhetorics of our current breed of mostly ignoramus political & religious leaders. Hope reading this book can help the readers learn the lessons from our forgetable history and be the agent of change for a new world order built on meritocracy and peace.

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