MIS40740 – Module Review & Assignments

Module Review covered following topics

  • Scope….what are we going to implement
  • Time….when and how long will it take
  • Cost….how much will it cost
  • HR….who is going to be involved
  • Risk……addressing potential project risks
  • Procurement….any 3rd party expertise needed?
  • Quality….defining acceptable standards
  • Communication….who to keep in the loop
  • Integration….other, such as closure 

MIS40740 Review

Out group project was based on mobile app targeting Academic Researchers…

The process of researching academic journals can be improved through out mobile application ReSearch App. Today the processes is complicated, dispersed, and massively time intensive. Academic Journals are not readily available through Mobile Apps. Researchers should be interested in apps that will allow them to continue their research where they left off, wherever they are ­ using technology to reduce the high admin associated time requirement today. 

ReSearch App Proposition:

  • Mobile platform for academic journals
  • Become a single source for managing academic research
  • Search academic journals from various sources, across disciplines
  • Download, buy, prioritise journals
  • Adding notes and linking with other articles, emails, blogs, etc.
  • Collaboration with fellow researchers, shared notes, tags, linkage with email & blogs, sync with Google doc.
  • Profiles for users and authors available to browse

The project paper and presentation are below

ReSearch – Academic Journal Research App – Project Paper

ReSearch – Academic Journal Research App – Presentation

Another module assignment was to share the work experience on a globally distributed project. The project paper for it is below 

Global PDT Project – CT Bank Payment Solution implemented as Global PDT project

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