MIS40680 – Managing Strategy & Innovation – Foundations of Technology

MIS40680 Lecture Slides NOR:


MIS40680 – Week 4 Readings:

Lansiti and Lakhani 2014 HBR IoT Transformational effect of technology

Porter HBR 2001 Strategy and the Internet

Case Study:

Case Study: Obama and social media

Supplement: The Original Porter

Porter 1979

Supplement: Mindful Innovation with Technology

Swanson 2004


This is possibly the most interesting TED Talk I’ve ever seen

Up there with the one on data visualisation


Food for thought: What will we write about Strategy and the Internet of Things?


Porter’s analysis is still relevant today or whether today’s Internet and tomorrow’s Internet are so different from the Web 1.0 that he was writing about that we need a new analysis. The article below points to an imminent change in the medical industry that will come about as a result of innovations in medical devices at the hardware level

Food for thought: the future of the medical industry


Have a look at Rocket Internet. 

Two things:

1. Does this look like a new approach to competition to you? 

2. (This thought from a student): Rocket Internet is going to raise about €600m in a fresh equity offer right now but all it’s companies are currently lossmaking (see http://ow.ly/IZiwU) . Porter (2001) would be very sketchy about them. What do you think?

Food for Thought: Rocket Internet

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