MIS40670 – Build the Things Right

Had a very good discourse in today’s class on how to build things right. The classic project management view used to put only a little emphasis on the scoping of the requirements and as a result most of the large projects had a high failure rate.image

The classic view of high tech development projects characterizes the work in terms of four key variables: Quality, Cost, Time and Scope.

The systems approach is a more structured approach for project development


The SDLC Conceptual stages can be described as below


The running order for building things right should follow


The class conducted a familiarisation exercise with a new technology platform. In this exercise everyone gets to grips with the basic capabilities of the LM NXT brick functions, sensors and motors. For most of the students it was the first time they got use to assemble a LEGO like structure with small pieces


The end result of the exercise was a programmable robot which could respond to sound using sensors and also could follow coded instructions.

Our group was able to complete the structure in record 23 minutes and was first in the class.




The conclusion was that process should be repeatable and iterative to build things right.


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