Ten years of bliss…

Ten years of bliss, two little bundles of joy and a lot to look forward to… that’s how I can sum up my marriage of the last 10 years. Amazingly it does not even feel like ten years… I still fondly remember the early days of my union with Shubhra; both of us were bit anxious about each other and furthermore were mere apprentices in the ways of the world. But now that I look back, I realize that over these ten years both of us worked hard enough on our mutual compatibility and learned from our own experiences as well as from those we crossed our paths with and finally have now settled in perfect harmony with each other. Every day I marvel at our little cosmos, implanted and nurtured with love and seeped in hopes and aspirations for future. I feel blessed to have what I have and wonder at the workings and designs of that Higher Being who has made all this possible.

I was wild and disconcerted before marriage but I always knew that I was fundamentally right and despite my antics, I was in control of myself. I also knew that I needed to get anchored in life to do anything worthwhile and my vain wanderings and nomadic mind won’t last me for long. My marriage was timely and Shubhra brought that much needed calmness with her stubborn composure and warm love. She finally tamed me not into a lamb exactly but rather into a gentle acquiescent being who was capable of reciprocating love and tenderness, and also be responsible. In her presence I feel that I am at peace with myself, I love her, long for her and try to rush back to her company from the daily rumblings and roars of the outside world to seek comfort and warmth. And she has always been there for me…

She has been my rock for these last ten years and whenever I feel distressed or perturbed she would nudge me gently into that placid slumber from which I would always wake up regenerated and brawny enough to face the turmoil’s of the world again. I have been loved before but her selfless and boundless love leaves me disarmed and longing for more. Her love is noble but comes with a tinge of perseverance that leaves me scared of her retort if ever I dare to cross her path. I love her tenacity because that’s the trait that keeps me in check and restrains me from turning into my caustic self. Our marriage has been a revelation I would say, for both of us, she has become a lot gentler over these last years and I also have transformed into a compliant and quieter person. This change for better in both of us has led us into a melodious existence which we cherish and bathe in everyday. I can only hope that this mutual respect and affable assistance for each other continues for many years to come for our shared growth and improvement.

Over these ten years we have seen us metamorphosing from a couple into a family of four. Our first one, Palakshi was born in my absence and I have always felt sorry about the fact that I could not make it on time to see her coming to life. But first time I saw and held my daughter in my arms, it filled up my heart with humility at the wonders of Sentient Being who can bestow power upon one living soul to bring another to life. It is pure joy to watch her grow and it feels propitious to be able to parent her. She is a lovely little package full of life, laughter and tantrums and keeps us perplexed with her childish parleys and sheer innocence and as well with her utter maturity. The younger one Urvaksh is still growing up and is vastly different to his sibling but still a pack full. I was there at his birth and was the first one to hold him when he came into this world. The whole sensation of holding a nascent life in hands was so exhilarating and wondrous. Now I feel both my offspring are just extension of my little self and watching their lives transposed upon mine excite me and sometimes makes me anxious about the huge responsibility it poses. But I am convinced that the plan Almighty has devised for us is the best we can get and every day I look forward to the next page that unfolds in our saga of life.

The last ten years have been fruitful and gratifying and I humbly bow down on my knees to thank my Creator to have let me experience such treasures… And I pray to the same Ultimate Being to allow me in future to persist as an involved spectator through out the lives of my spouse and children and also as a solo actor to play my scripted part through the play of my life as well.

Feeling contended and thankful for the last ten years and looking forward to a future life of bountiful riches and profound knowledge… with Shubhra, Palakshi and Urvaksh!

Tarun Rattan

(Written on the 10th Wedding Anniversary at Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland)

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