It’s just that I gave up drinking yesterday.

An Irishman stops into a bar in New York City every day at the same time. He walks up to the bar, orders three pints of Guinness, drinks them down one at a time, and then walks out. After about two weeks of this, the bartender can’t help his curiosity. He asks the Irishman why is it that he comes in at the same time every day, and drink three pints of Guinness, and then leaves without talking to anyone. The Irishman replies: "You see, before I moved here from Ireland, I would share a scoop of stout with each of me two brothers every night. When I told ’em I was movin’ to the tha States, I made a promise that I’d make sure to keep on with tradition."

The bartender smiles, satisfied with the answer, laughing a little to himself, and walks away.

This goes on for about 6 months. Every day, at just about the same time, the Irishman comes in and orders three pints, drinks them down, nods to the bartender, and heads on his way.

One day, the Irishman walks in. His eyes are red, and it’s obvious to the bartender that he’s been crying and is upset about something. He sits down at the bar, and the bartender begins pouring the three pints, just like always.

The Irishman stops him, saying: "Stall the ball, lad. I’m ‘fraid I’ll only be needing two scoops of stout this evenin’, and one empty glass, turned upside down."

The bartender complies, and offers the Irishman his condolences, saying: "I’m sorry to hear about the death of your brother, friend."

The Irishman drinks down the two pints of Guinness, wipes his mouth on his sleeve, and says to the bartender: "Jaysus, lad! Me brothers are both fine. It’s just that I gave up drinking yesterday."

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Everybody!

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