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It is important for those living in the industrial world to develop an appreciation for cultures that are sustainable, to learn to see beauty and survival in a world where people walk, live in daily contact with animals, raise their own food, pray, and live in families. Such people have as much to teach us as we have to teach them.

On-Line Exhibitions:
Afghanistan, 1970s
The Afghan Folio  (32)
Herat  (33)
Kandahar  (30)
The Dog Fights  (9)
Kabul  (25)
Maimana  (64)
Afghanistan, 2000
Taliban Afghanistan  (76)
Badakshan and the Panjsheer  (63)
Afghanistan, 2001-2
Refugee Camps at Chaman  (30)
Bamiyan  (70)
Mazar  (55)
Olak  (8)
Returning IDPs  (8)
Afghanistan, 2003
Pul-i-Kumri, Quail Fights  (44)
Kunduz  (28)
Khanabad  (12)
Taliqan  (15)
Faizabad  (24)
Dara-i-Suf  (9)
Sholgara  (13)
Balkh  (39)
Faryab  (56)
Afghan Schools, 2003  (88)
Return to Bamiyan  (56)
Folari  (14)
Band-i-Amir  (35)
Chaghcheran  (73)
Adrascan  (52)
Farah  (31)
Return to Herat (65)
Around Herat  (30)
Ghazni  (14)
Jalalabad  (20)
Return to Kabul  (60)
Returning Afghans  (32)
The previous chapters are photo essays.
Italics indicates more raw information,
less art, stories or groups of photographs
on a similar themes mounted so that people
who need pictures on that subject can easily
find what they need. Some pictures are repeated
from the earlier photo essays.
Demining 2000  (72)
Government Transition, 2001  (26)
UXO BLUes, 2001  (47)
Trips to the Grave of Masood  (16)
Women in Afghanistan
Emma in Afghanistan  (7)
International Women’s Day  (22)
Wearing Burkas  (26)
Refugees  (32)
Internally Displaced Persons – IDPs  (16)
Girls and Young Women  (46)
School  (25)
Bakery  (20)
Pakistan (new, more chapters coming soon)
Peshawar  (19)
The Vale of Swat  (44)
Landscapes Exhibition
The Hills of Palestine  (8 or 104)
Islands in the Nile  (8)
Ceylon, In the Clouds  (8)
The Way to Zanscar   (8)
Vermont  (18)
Museum Exhibit Schedule
Technical Notes
Links to Other Internet Sites
This site is now hosted by the University of Nebraska at Omaha, home of The Center for Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Students and teachers may use these pictures and their digital files for school reports or presentations without prior approval, but it is nice to hear from you. Larger scans of these images are available. Commercial use will be considered on a case by case basis. I will always provide images to aid organizations that were active in Afghanistan before the American invasion and occupation, groups such as the ICRC, MSF, IAM, and Demining programs, but other aid organizations will be considered on a case by case basis as well. I have spent my entire career trying to remain neutral in the political affairs of Afghanistan. I do not support this occupation, much as I would not have supported to occupation of Poland or Ethiopia, Algeria, or Vietnam, but I also do not oppose it openly in public, because I do not wish to openly undermine Mr. Karzai or any Afghans who believe this to be the best way for Afghanistan. I remain remote from the present conflict, in order to maintain my neutrality in Afghan affairs. When writing to me seeking image files, please cut and paste the entire urls onto your list.
There are no sales pages on this web server, but you can find a link for sales at the bottom of the other version of this homepage that is on a private server. There you can also find additional materials that are personal or political and might be considered inappropriate on the university server:
I definitely like to hear from anyone who has comments. It is good for me to hear which images you particularly liked. Thank you for visiting the site.

    Luke Powell
    P.O. Box 888
    253 Church St
    Liverpool, Nova Scotia
    Canada     B0T1K0
    from US/CA 902 354-2545
    from Europe 001 902 354-2545

All images and text ©Luke Powell, 2006.

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