Urvaksh – The Joyful

Urvaksh, our bundle of joy came into this world on 16-Nov-2008 16:13 Dublin (GMT) time.


First photos

20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_003 20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_008

20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_003a 20081118_FirstBath_ (2)

20081120_BabyHomeComing_0004 20081120_BabyHomeComing_0014

20081127_BabyHomeComing_0043 20081127_BabyHomeComing_0046

First time mother picked him up

20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_006 20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_005

First time with big sister

20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_009 20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_013

20081117_SecondDay_ (4) 20081117_SecondDay_ (7)

First time with grandparents

20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_010 20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_012

First taste of honey

20081117_SecondDayUrvaksh_(11)b 20081117_SecondDayUrvaksh_(11)e

20081117_SecondDayUrvaksh_(10) 20081117_SecondDayUrvaksh_(35)

First Bath

 20081118_FirstBath_ (7) 20081118_FirstBath_ (8)

Goodbye to Hospital

20081120_BabyHomeComing_0021 20081120_BabyHomeComing_0022


20081120_BabyHomeComing_0027 20081120_BabyHomeComing_0028

20081120_BabyHomeComing_0025c 20081120_BabyHomeComing_0025d

20081121_BabyHomeComing_0029 20081121_BabyHomeComing_0030

First glimpse of Sun

20081121_BabyHomeComing_0035 20081121_BabyHomeComing_0032

20081121_BabyHomeComing_0031 20081121_BabyHomeComing_0036

Proud Family

20081117_SecondDayUrvaksh_(45) 20081116_FirstDayUrvaksh_014

20081117_SecondDayUrvaksh_(27)  20081117_SecondDayUrvaksh_(23)

20081117_SecondDay_ (9)   20081117_SecondDay_ (12) 

20081120_BabyHomeComing_0001 20081120_BabyHomeComing_0020

20081129_BabyHomeComing_0052 20081129_BabyHomeComing_0054

20081127_BabyHomeComing_0042  20081129_BabyHomeComing_0055

  More snaps of Urvaksh

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