Glendalough: A Celtic Pilgrimage by Michael Rodgers


Glendalough: A Celtic PilgrimageGlendalough: A Celtic Pilgrimage by Michael Rodgers
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This is the history of St. Kevin of Ireland and the monastery he setup in Wicklow mountains which is now a famous pilgrimage in Ireland. I’ve visited the monastery at Glendalough a number of times and it is really a place of utmost serenity and purity. Its only a 45 minutes drive from the place I live and I feel lucky to live near such a beautiful an holy place. If anybody wants a nourishment for their souls this should be a place to visit. This guidebook is well researched and for anyone traveling to Glendalough as a pilgrim, it should come as handy. It contains the legends of St. Kevin, the saint of Glendalough and also glimpses of Celtic way of life as influenced by the early catholic beliefs. The natural beauty of Glendalough is enchanting, the trails of Lower and Upper lakes is always enthralling and takes you closer to the spiritual realm that you miss out in the daily rhythm of life. The beauty of upper lake is unsurpassable and on a sunny summer day there is nothing better than to go out there with a book in hand reading it surrounded by the glorious natural beauty all around you.

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