Attack On Ayodhya

Mosques built after destroying temples are the sign of slavery and Muslims should hand over the same to Hindu Society” – Mahatma Gandhi in ‘Navjeevan’ dated July 17, 1937.

Hindus profess secularism because they are cowards and are afraid of Muslim countries.” – Syed Shahabuddin – Convener of Babri Masjid Coordination Committee (BMCC) in ‘Sunday’ dated March 20, 1983

Ayodhya have seen many a foe in its long history, invaders who came and pierced its heart with their spears, aggressors who bloodied its body with their swords, raped its soul and vandalized its spirit. Ayodhya has seen many a tragedies… but Ayodhya still exists, wrapped in its own mystic self, bold, all embracing, all encompassing, valiant. If anybody believes that they can scar the face of Ayodhya then they are mistaken. A worthy son of Ayodhya crossed the mountains, built bridges over high seas to vanquish an evil foe. That spirit still prevails in this land of the wise and holy, we can still counter the forces of the wicked, we can once again cut to pieces the ten heads of evil. If thousand years of  untold savagery could not break the spirit of this land, then how can a few scum of the earth  wielding facile crackers do any harm to its soul. Its sheer foolishness and it beats common sense. Bharat is the land of strong and indomitable, nobody can break it, no one can harm it. It was subdued by the Adharama, cut to pieces but that is only for a while, a country can be divided but not a spirit! This land of great souls takes pride in the fact that it caught the evil by the neck and strangulated it. We are free again and our spirit is free too. Where rich Persia was decimated by the barefooted sons of Devil, where the old Assyria was vanquished by the uncultured, where the great Egypt, the land of Pharaohs was  bested by the evil God, where the vanguard of Christianity, the Constantinople fell against the might of evil, this land of worthy, the great Bharat stood its ground and it checked the onslaught of these wicked forces. It would do it again and again, this attack on Ayodhya is one unfinished business and the time has now come to take the fight to the courtyard of the devil and kill this menace that has for so long sapped the human soul.

Tarun Rattan

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