Palakshi’s 6th Birthday


Palakshi celebrated her 6th birthday at Leisureplex Stillorgan. All her friends enjoyed her birthday party a lot.

Party started with bowling which was a great fun.

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0001 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0018

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0021 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0023

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0024 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0027

Then everybody went for disco and karaoke. Everybody danced and sang lot of songs.

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0070 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0077

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0093 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0094


Even the parents enjoyed dancing…

 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0147 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0148

After so much dancing and singing, everybody was hungry and so so tired,

and it was time to eat something

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0161 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0164

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0172 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0173

And finally it was the cake time

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0174a 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0174b

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0174d 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0174e

Everybody enjoyed a lot and wished Palakshi a very happy birthday…

20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0152 20090321_Palakshi6thBirthDay_0159

More Snaps Of Palakshi’s 6th Birthday



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